Eureka Seven: Big Romance, Big Story, Big Fun

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The Facts are These:

Eureka Seven is about a boy named Renton Thurston who is the son of Adroc Thurston the man who saved the world. Adroc mysteriously disappeared when Renton was a boy and his sister has also disappeared in search of their father. Renton now learns to be a mechanic from his grandfather with whom he lives with. Renton’s life is changed when he meets the mysterious girl Eureka who operates the first L.F.O. (Light Finding Operation) “The Type Zero Nirvash.”


While watching Eureka Seven I find that I love the the romance between the two main characters. The actions scenes are great and keep you watching the screen during them, though that is not what you come to watch Eureka Seven for. Instead you are there for the characters because each character is interesting in their own right and it keeps you watching them. The story is the main focus of the show and the action scenes are there to entertain people who were originally there for it, but the story and the characters keep you there.

Behind The Scenes:

Eureka Seven was created by Studio Bones known for other anime as Darker Than Black, Fullmetal Alchemist, Ouran Highschool Host Club, Soul Eater and UN-GO. It was directed by Tomoki Kyoda, Masayuki Miyagi, Satoru Utsunomiya. It`s genre is Adventure, Mecha, Romance, Drama, Sci-fi, and Shounen. The animation was beautifully done and and the sound fit well with what the story was trying to achieve, a coming-of-age story and how the world affects it.

A Brief View of The World:

The world of Eureka Seven is different but similar to ours. The world of Eureka Seven have things called Trapars (Transparence Light Particles) in their world.  The Trapars are similar to waves in the sky and allow people to ride on them using lift boards. These Trapars are produced by Scub Coral, an intelligent life form that appeared 10,000 years before the start of the series and have the ability to change the laws of physics. Finally there are the L.F.O. (Light Finding Operation) which are the giant robots of the series. They have a multitude of designs and weapons and are able to fly in the air using lifting boards and Trapars.

Scub Coral

Scub Coral in Eureka Seven


Overall I had a lot of fun watching Eureka Seven and would recommend this show to a fans of anime and people who are getting into anime. The dialogue is great and it is beautifully animated with a wonderful soundtrack. I have listened to the opening and ending songs  countless times and they fight the mood of the series at that time.


The show has good rewatchability in the second half of the series when Renton leaves the Gekko State. Before that though if you have seen the show I have found that the those first several episodes are annoying because we know Renton becomes so much more than this whiny child in love. So during an rewatch I recommend starting at episode 20.


My final score for this show is an 8 out of 10. For the reasons of the rewatchability and that it wasn’t a perfect anime, it had its flaws. However, I highly recommend it.


What I recommend to watch if you liked this show is Fullmetal Alchemist because it focuses on a coming-of-age story and how it affects the world around them is similar to Eureka Seven. The other recommendation would be Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann be of the coming-of-age aspect and Gurren Lagann is brilliantly animated and sounds great.

Thank you for reading my first review and I hope to continue to read them in the future.

“And Thus This Sentence Ends”

I own none of the pictures above credit goes to Studio Bones, and their staff.


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