Arrow Season 1: The Green Hood Cometh

The Facts are These:

Oliver Queen is the son of Robert Queen billionaire and owner of Queen Industries. While sailing on their yacht the Queen’s Gambit, they find themselves in the middle of a hurricane and Oliver finds himself to be the only survivor of this disaster. After being rescued from “The Island” after five years of being stranded there Oliver Queen vows to save Starling City from the people, written in his father’s who have “Failed This City.”

Stephen Amell as The Green Arrow


While watching Arrow in the beginning I found that I was watching more for the action, though that changed. I found myself interested in what they were going to do to Oliver and the great class of side characters. However, during my original viewing of the show I found that when they introduced the Helen Bertenelli that the story was slow, clunky and unappealing. Though at a later time I pushed through it and was caught back into the pace of the show. The characters are great especially Felicity, Diggle, Tommy and Thea. The were interesting characters and they felt like real people. Everything in the show, the story, the characters and the action are interesting enough to keep you watching.

Behind the Scenes:

Arrow is based of the DC comics super hero the Green Arrow created by Mort Weisinger (known for creating Aquaman) and George Papp. The series was developed by the writers/ producers Greg Berlanti, Marc Guggenheim, and Andrew Kreisburg for the CW network. The show is filmed in Vancouver, British Colombia, Canada like its predecessor Smallville (Don’t worry I’ll get to that one day). For Arrow they decided to start off with a clean slate and not use the Green Arrow seen in Smallville played by Justin Hartley instead casting Stephen Amell in the role.

Justin Hartley as The Green Arrow

A Brief View of the World:

The world in Arrow is very similar to our own however, throughout the series the writers start to mix in the fantastical elements of the DC Comics world in. For example Deadshot, Firefly and Count Vertigo are the super villains that they added to the series with their little twists. However, not much else from the idea of superheroes and villains has this world any different from our own.


I really enjoyed the series the action well choreographed and fast paced. The story was solid and interesting made you keep asking question about Oliver’s past and his possible future.


The show has some rewatchability, if you like action, superhero shows, and a bit of mystery you will watch this show over and over again, but for most people it’s good for the highlight reel.




Smallville – Smallville has the same premise as arrow of how the hero we know came to become them. So if you liked arrow you will like the lighter toned Smallville

Batman: The Animated Series – Is the original dark, gritty adventure series and if you like Arrow than you will like the original hero of Gotham.

I own none of the images used above, credit goes to their original creators and the CW network.


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