Avatar The Last Airbender: One Reason to Love Cartoons

The Facts are These:

Aang is a member of a tribe called the Air Nomads who some have the ability to bend to wind to their will. However Aang is special in the sense that he is the Avatar. The Avatar can manipulate the elements of Earth, Wind, Fire, Water and is the bridge to the spirit world. Aang when travelling is trapped in a storm and freezes himself in a glacier to protect himself. A hundred years later Aang is awoken by a brother and sister from the southern water tribe named Katara and Sokka. Now that he has awaken and has heard of the fire nation and how they have for a hundred years been waging a war against all others nations, including the annihilation of the Air Nomads Aang must stop the Fire Lord to end the Hundred Years War.


While watching the show I realized how great animation as a medium is. In it we see great story telling, amazing visuals and breath taking soundtrack. I had always watched anime and knew this from then, but I never realized how much that american animation could do this. American animation is usually childish and meant for kids, there are the few exception, but it is a common factor. I was taken for a surprise and it was an unforgettable journey.

Behind the Scenes:

Avatar: The Last Airbender  was created by Michael Dante DiMartino, Michael Konetzko and was developed by Nickelodeon Animations. The development of the bending in the show was an interesting idea. They used the movement and stances of different martial arts to design the stances of the bending. For example Air bending is based of Baguazhang (also referred to as circle walking or eight trigram palm) which involves smooth coiling and uncoiling actions. Water bending is based off of yang style T’ai chi ch’uan known for its slow movements and elegant forms. Earth bending is based off of Hung Gar style of kung fu which utilizes heavily rooted stances and strong kicks and punches and then there is Fire bending. Depending on their range, whether close distance or long range it utilizes different kung fu’s such as northern shaolin kung fu, southern dragon claw, xingyiquan and chaquan.

A Brief View of the World:

The world of Avatar is very different from our own, the biggest difference is the animals in their world. They have the same name as the animals in our world, but they look different than our own. They is some referential humour to this when the team visits the earth capital and the earth king is having a birthday party for his bear and group start saying different bears like a platypus bear, when Aang mentions it is just an ordinary bear they all say that is weird, that is hilarious. The continents are separated into five areas for the four nations Fire nations, Earth kingdom, Air temples and the north and southern water tribe.

Map of the Avatar World


I absolutely enjoyed this show and there are endless reasons why. The way the show is presented looks great the visuals the camera angles make the simplest view or outrageous fights breathtaking. The soundtrack matches the show fantastically and this helps tie everything together. The most important thing about the show is it’s humour. The show has a great sense of humour and knows how to use it well.


This show is absolutely rewatchable and it always should be. During every viewing you’ll notice something you missed like the lion turtle references throughout the show or the foreshadowing. During every rewatch it still holds your attention and that is all that matters.




Kyo Kara Maoh – The show compares because both main characters are told they are reincarnations or a previous all powerful being and are there to bring peace to their world. They both live in magical realms and are childish.

The Legend of Korra – If you still want you Avatar fix after your done this you can watch the sequel “The Legend of Korra” it is not as good, but you can get some interesting story.

I own none of the images above credit to their original creators and Nickolodeans


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