Superman Doomsday: Wait Superman Can Die?

The Facts are These:

Superman is from the planet Krypton, that was destroyed when he born. His Kryptonian parents named him Kal-el and sent him to the planet Earth. There he was adopted by Jonathan and Martha Kent and they named him Clark Kent. Clark realizing he is special abilities creates the persona of Superman to fight crime, however “There comes a time when even Gods must die.”


I have always loved the character Superman and when I first saw this movie was at my local library and I had to go on a waiting list for 2 months to rent the movies, because of that my expectations for how great this movie was going to be was no where near where it was. I enjoy Superman movies, comics and cartoons, but I did not like this movie the same way I did others.

Behind the Scenes:

The character Superman was created writer Jerry Siegel and artist Joe Shuster while in high school in Cleveland. The movie Superman Doomsday is loosely based off the comic book storyline “The Death of Superman” created by editor Mike Carlin and superman writing staff Dan Jurgens, Robert Stern, Louise Simonson, Jerry Ordway and Karl Kesel. The differences between the comic and this adaptation include the origin and appearance of Doomsday, Lois and Clark’s relationship, the fight between Doomsday and Superman and the events surrounding Superman’s return. In Superman Doomsday there is a surprise cameo by Kevin Smith, in it he say “Like we really needed him to bust up a mechanical spider, right? LAME!” This is in reference to the time when Kevin Smith was working Jon Peters on a Superman film that never came to fruition. In the movie John Peters wanted Superman to fight a giant mechanical spider and Kevin Smith thought it was pretty random, the mechanical spider would later be seen in the movie “The Wild Wild West.”


A Brief View of the World:

I am going to start referring to shows based on DC Comics as the World of DC or Dancing whatever I feel like that day. The world of DC id filled with extraordinary people, technology, places, species and things. However, for every one superhero and villain there is more than a 100 normal civilians. The world of DC takes place on other, but in a different universe, with different planets and several different realities. For example Krypton, Superman’s home world is noted of having technology a few centuries ahead of earth. The primary race of Krypton, Kryptonians are normal under the radiation of a red sun, but under the radiation of Earth’s yellow sun they gain extraordinary abilities, such as super speed, strength, hearing, invulnerability and flight.



I enjoyed the movie, it gave a adaptation to a good story and kept the focus of the story on Superman and how the world is affected by the loss of him. The however do not bring in some of his replacements like Superboy, The Eradicator, Cyborg Superman and Steel. Though I did enjoy the story and it did start the DC Universe Animated Original Movies.


If you are a fan of Superman than this movie is for you and you should be able to watch it whenever you wanted to. However, for most people there is not much rewatchability.




Superman the Animated Series: This movie took their art style from this show and the show is a better interpretation of Superman and goes into Superman and his character better.

Smallville: Again Smallville gives you superman, but with an alternate retelling of his past.

I do not own any of the pictures above credit goes to their original creators and DC Comics.


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2 Responses to Superman Doomsday: Wait Superman Can Die?

  1. Matthew says:

    I also like this movie. The battle with Superman and Doomsday was quite intense.

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