Hellboy: OH Ron Perlman, Your Voice Is Like A Gruff Angel

The Facts are These:

In 1944 the Nazi’s with the help of the Rasputin try to bring Ogdru Jahad to defeat the Allied Forces. Allied team lead by Professor Trevor Bruttenholm stop the summoning of the beast and they later find an infant demon with a stone right hand and name him Hellboy. Sixty years later Rasputin is back and is trying to bring Ogdru Jahad back with Hellboy as the key. It is up to Hellboy, Abe Sapien and Liz Sherman of the Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defence to stop them and save the world.


This movie is a clear example of how important practical effects are in a movie. Recently if they have a terrify monster that will just make them CG and be done with it. However, in Hellboy most monsters are just make up and practical effects like Sammael and Hellboy. They look great, believable and they fit perfectly to the movie.

Behind the Scenes:

The character Hellboy was created by writer-artist Mike Mignola and the movie was directed by Guilermo Del Toro. The comics were published by Dark Horse comics and the movie is distributed by Colombia Pictures. Guilermo Del Toro wrote the introduction to the hardcover edition of the Conqueror Worm arc being noted as a huge fan of the character. The name Hellboy was created as a joke by creator Mike Mignola stating he thought it was hilarious.

A Brief View of the World:

The world of Hellboy is our modern day Earth with a hidden history and creature that we don’t see normally. They walk among us and it is the Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defence to keep it that way. In the movie we see several things that would not normally be seen for example Sammael,a fallen archangel considered to be either good or evil. Sammael became an even bigger problem in the movie with the help of Rasputin casting a spell which, with the death of Sammael two more will take that one’s place.


This movie is awesome, it is action packed and has interesting characters with Hellboy, Liz and Professor Trevor. I found Abe to be under developed though he was an interesting character. The costumes and sets were great and fit well with the overall theme of the show. The villains and enemies were all interesting and did not feel the same.


This movie definitely is rewatchable with it;s interesting character, sets, storyline and action it is an well worth the time to sit down and watch it again and again.




Hellboy 2 The Golden Army – The sequel that is not as great as the original, but is still the Hellboy that we all love.

Hellboy Animated – Watch both of these they are fun continuation with the original cast reprising their roles in the show.


I do not own any of the images above credit goes to their original creator, Dark horse Comics and Colombia Pictures.


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