Here Comes Another Adventure (TIME): Slumber Party Panic

Soooo recently I bought the first season of Adventure Time after being pressured by some people in my life, with this purchase I decided that I would review each episode of the first season. This is formatted a bit differently with t just being a my stream of thoughts on the episode.


The plot of the episode is that Finn the Human and Princess Bubblegum work to make a cure to candy death and this results in making Candy Zombies. The Princess and Finn put all of the candy citizens in the castle to protect them from the Candy Zombies after the sugary citizens. The problem with the candy citizens is that when they are scared they will explode, because of this Princess Bubblegum makes Finn make a royal promise to not tell the citizens about the Zombie no matter what. Finn is now forced to keep the citizens occupied with letting them know about the oncoming storm. While this is happening Jake the Dog, Finn’s best friend, keeps asking Finn what is happening. Finn uses different games to distract the Candy people about the zombies which ends in a game of pinata with the zombies as the pinatas. With the Zombies defeated Finn tells Jake about the promise which breaks the royal promise and the Royal Promise guardians come and take Princess Bubblegum and Finn away. Since Finn and Princess Bubblegum are friends the Guardians give him a chance to redeem himself with the math problem 2+2. Finn manages to barely solve the problem and the answer was the number Princess Bubblegum needed to complete the revival formula and brings zombies back to life.

My Thoughts

Well it seems the Candy Kingdom is now immortal because the can bring back any citizens even completely exploded to smithereens back to life in perfect condition and health. It was okay it was fun and there was some underlying logic in the situations. For example Jake the Dog can talk and shaptshift, grow in size, but he is still a dog and chocolate can kill him. I was taken by surprise when I heard Princess Bubblegum’s voice, it was Starfire and I was so happy to hear it again. The setting was interested I was introduced to three important characters and I clearly saw their personalities. Finn was interesting to watch, wanting to be there hero, people pleaser. Jake was the best friend, always looking out for Finn. However the way I am looking at the show I am seeing it as another review. It is a fun show with an interesting world and premise, well there is no premise, but that does make every episode an adventure.


Overall I enjoyed the show it was fast, fun and it took themselves seriously.


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