Golden Time: I thought there were showers involved!


The Facts are These:

Tada Banri come to Tokyo from the country to become a student at a private law school. when arriving at the school he meets a new friend Yanagisawa Mitsuo and the girl who calms to be his fiancée Kaga Kouko. There he meets cults, spirits, alcoholic tea servers and many more people. At this school Tada Banri may find his future or more about his past than he bargained for.


This is a pure romance show with a twist which I don’t want to spoil because I like it even though it feels added on because it just adds an extra dimension to the love triangle. This is a great reminder to one of my favourite romance anime Toradora and it has the same feel. If you like romances with a twist then you will like how this show plays out.


Behind the Scenes:

The anime is produced by J.C. Staff who have made such anime as The Prince of Tennis, Azumanga Daioh, Honey and Clover and Bakuman. The company is most known for the romance anime they produce. The original novel was written by Yuyuko Takemiya the author of Toradora (which was also produced by J.C. Staff). The Genre is Comedy, Romance and Seinen (Manga targeted to 17 to 40 years old). The story had a pure romance and the sound was not horrible, but I do not remember any significant pieces of sound.

A Brief View of the World:

The world is modern Tokyo, specifically taking place around the private law university where the main characters and plot point originate. The world is that of an average world where people interact as you would see in a first world country. Some parts of the plot take place in rural Tokyo where Tada Banri grew up.


I’ve enjoyed this anime so far and I would recommend it to people who want to watch a new romance anime. The animation is well done and the characters are well thought out and have their own personalities. When starting this show I was expecting a show similar to Toradora but, I walked away with a better feeling than with Toradora and overall it trump its predecessor.



This has rewatchability some romances I have watched show the characters as cardboard cut outs of people stereotypes while Golden Time makes use of these character and creates actual people. You enjoy the conversations and the interactions and begin to want to see more of their relationships between each other.




Toradora: It is another one of Yuyuko’s other works and this first one I watched. It has a similar feels so watch it, it is good as well

Clannad: If you like romance anime and have not seen Clannad watch it it is good and my friends tell my if your eyes don’t get misty then you have no soul.


I do not own any of the images above, credit goes to their original creator and J.C. Staff.


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