Video Gamez: The Z makes it cool – Hearthstone


I heard of the game Hearthstone through Satchbags youtube channels where he was playing against Nick Murphy of Continue? it looked like an interesting game. However, before I get into my experience with Hearthstone I am going to talk about my experiences with card games in general. The first card game I played was Pokemon, I never understood how to play it as a kid but, I would always play down my Feraligatr or Vileplume cards, which were and still are two of my favourite Pokemon. Since I never understood the rules I never played it correctly though this was my first time playing a card game. The next card game I played was YUGIOH, and this is where it gets interesting. YUGIOH was the card game where i focused on the rules and tried to get better at the game, eventually leading me to try and convince my parents to take a 10 year old all the way to Windsor, Ontario to compete in a YUGIOH regional qualifier. There I spectacularly lost coming in third last with the two behind the only two 35 year old men I beat. After that I dropped out of cards games for a while until me and my friends were looking for something to do together. We decided to try and play Magic – The Gathering and we did not commit to long. With no experienced player by us we were not sure what was right and wrong and this eventually stopped as well.



As you can see I was not the greatest card game player until I saw the video. I joined the game during the open beta and played it. Enjoying the concept and ease, it reminded me of a more streamlined version of Magic – The Gathering, as they fixed the one large problem Magic had. In Hearthstone every turn you gain one mana crystal till you reach ten you can use these crystals to play minions, spells or weapons. In Magic though you had to use land cards to play your creatures, planeswalkers or spell cards. Though those land cards were apart of your deck and consisted of a third of your deck. The mana system in Hearthstone made playing the game more enjoyable and easier to understand.

Now onto the game, with my first matches and loses. When I started the game I enjoyed the idea of not having to buy cards but being able to earn cards through daily quest or the arena. I started playing with the Mage class like everyone does and I focused on spell damage. Now the classes I play the most are Aggro Hunter, Murloc Warlock, Overload Shaman and Inner Fire Priest, with the occasional  Paladin plays. When I started to enjoy the game more I started to look a good players youtube channels, for example, Amaz, Trump, and occasional Total Biscuit. This helped me to understand the meta better and the tactics necessary in a deck for it to work.

Here is Amaz with one of his many great play…


Overall, I recommend people to try Hearthstone if you enjoy card games I have had many great experiences in the game and amazing moments. For example, when I was playing a priest with my Murloc Warlock deck and the priest played Mindgames when I had a board of four Murlocs and an Old Murk-Eye in my hand. Mindgames allows the player to place a random copy of an opponents card from their deck into the field. In my head I thought to myself “The best card he could play for me would be a Murloc Warleader” that would buff my minions and I would have lethal. Low and behold he played the Murloc Warleader and I won. This was one of the most recent things to have happened but not the greatest. This game is fun and addicting and I would recommend it to anyone and hope you start to play.

As an added bonus here is the video that got me interested and stay tuned for my thoughts on the upcoming adventure THE CURSE OF NAXARAMUS!


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