Baccano! – Ha, Pussyfoot


The Facts are These:

The story takes place in 1711, 1930, 1931, 1932 each years holding significant importance to the massacre happening aboard the transcontinental train the Flying Pussyfoot. This massacre happens between the Russo and the Lemure gangs. What will happen aboard the Flying Pussyfoot and what is the Rail Tracer, you gonna have to tune in to Baccano! to solve this mystery.


During my viewing of Baccano! I found great respect for this anime. The voice acting on both sides are well done and the story is so gripping you have to watch till the end and if you don’t watch till the end you are doing yourself a disservice. The characters are all people and that they all deserve a paragraph on them but, I’m am lazy bastard so what I will say is watch the anime and you will figure out these characters life and the objectives.

Behind the Scenes:

The story of Baccano! is from the light novel of the same name by the writer Ryohgo Narita. He has written several light novel Durarara!, Vamp!, Bleach: The Spirits are Forever With You and the manga series Stealth Symphony, with Durarara! becoming an anime running for two seasons. The meaning of the word Baccano! is Racket or Ruckus in Italian. The series is produced by the studio Brain Base which have produced Durarara!, Penguindrum, Natsume Yujincho, Spice and Wolf Season 2 and Blood Lad. An interesting note is that the ADR director for the anime visited various locations in Manhattan such as Grand Central Terminal to portray Manhattan correctly.


The Cast of Baccano!

A Brief View of the World:

The story takes place in a fictional United States in various locations during several time periods. The most notable setting are the Flying Pussyfoot, The Advenna Avis, and New York City. Those three locations are where the majority of the plot takes place. This version of the United States takes place during the Prohibition era and is a wonderfully created world.

images (1)

The Flying Pussyfoot


This series took me a couple episodes to get into. I kept stopping after the first episode for a while and then when I powered through it. I could not believe what I was missing out on for a long time and I was ecstatic about the plot and the story, with their twists and turns. The time jumps that happen during the show may throw people off but, it is essential and adds a unique quality to the show few other anime have. It is one of my favourite anime an could not recommend it enough.


The show is definitely rewatchable because you have to watch it a second time to fully understand what happened in the show and to see the hints that you missed the first time around.




Durarara! – Made by the same author and same production company. They have a similar feel and are great watches.

Zipang – Where a naval ship is brought to the past a alter the past trying to get back to their time.


I do not own any of the images above credit goes to their creator, Ryohgo Narita and Brain Base.


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