Toon Town/Ville/Square: I Just Couldn’t Decide – The Spectacular Spider-Man


The Facts are These:

Peter Parker a student in High School, is bitten by a radioactive spider, because of this bite he develops a series of abilities centred around a spider. With these powers he decided to become a hero, though with the emergence of a hero, villains soon come and how will he manage SCHOOL!


This show is fantastic, it is a great representation of the character and the comics as well. The one thing I had a grip about in the beginning of the show was the animation style, it is block, with sharp lines it didn’t really look that great. Though this grew on me because this Peter Parker felt like Peter Parker from the comic books. He had the same problems and dilemmas that happened to Peter in the comic books. The opening theme song was my jam it looked good and I enjoyed the music. It is unfortunate that it got cancelled early because the creators said that next season they were planning on brining Carnage, Hydro-Man, Scorpion and Hobgoblin. Spectacular Spider-Man is an overall good time for a fan of the comics or the character in general.


Behind the Scenes:

There once was a show called the Spectacular Spider-Man and it was great. It followed the comics and made my experience of Spider-Man even better. Then there was the evil dispute that ended the show. With Sony handing over the television rights to the Spider-Man character, Marvel began work on their new series Ultimate Spider-Man based on the ultimate comic series by the same name. This was because Sony still retained the rights to production elements made specifically for the show, such as character designs and storyline. Thus this faithful adaptation was killed by the greed of two companies… Like Romeo and Juliet.

Now here is some of the development facts the series was developed for television by Greg Weisman and Victor Cook. Greg Weisman has worked on many cartoon in the past such as Young Justice, The Batman and Ben 10. Victor Cooks credits include being the director of Scooby Doo Mystery Inc., Hellboy: Blood and Iron and Darkwing Duck. The theme of the series was the education of Peter Parker so the arcs were named accordingly, Biology 101, Economic 101, Chemsitry 101, Psychology 101 and etc. Here is the opening song for the series The Spectacular Spider-Man Theme by Tender Box…



A Brief View of the World:

Spectacular Spider-Man takes place in a fictional New York City. I say fictional because if I looked out my window and saw… (Spider-Man swings by)… So Spectacular Spider-Man takes place in a realistic version of New York City where Super Villains and Super Heroes exist battling over what is right and wrong. Other than that BIG thing the New York City in Spectacular Spider-Man is very similar to our own.


This series is a blast it is fun to watch and the story is incredibly well done. You can tell that these creators understood the character when making the show and how to make the show more around his escapades and how they affect his life. The similar struggles that Peter Parker faced in the comics.



This series is definitely rewatchable with the unfortunate length of 26 episode you can make through it  quick and still have time for tea. It’s enjoyable and if you enjoy superheroes you will enjoy the show.


8/10 – Its Great!


Batman – The Animated Series – One of the more grittier superhero cartoon and did a lot to help the Batman mythos.


Young Justice – A good superhero show that was cancelled after two season as well… Ugh why do all the good shows die early!



I do not own any of the above used pictures and/or video they belong to their original creators, Victor Cook Greg Weisman, Sony, Marvel and Disney.


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