Log Horizon: What a “Stuck in a RPG” anime should be


The Facts are These:

The MMORPG Elder Tale has finally got it’s 12th expansion pack, now the thirty thousand Japanese gamers find themselves transported to the virtual world of Elder Tale. Shiroe, Naotsugu and Akatsuki team up together to explore this new world and understand the new way of living that comes with it. Large open worlds, debates on what is good and evil in this world and how to live with the NPC’s are all present in this anime.


When I watched this anime I was expecting an anime similar to Sword Art Online. Anyone would think that because they came out a couple months apart and I just thought they were trying to jump on the SAO band wagon. However this seemed more real to me because even with SAO’s if you die in the game you die in real life theme you would think that they would explore the possibilities of their abilities. In Log Horizon they are not aware that if you die in the game you die for real (and no one wants to test that) they still explore what they can and can’t do. They take the approach of how an RPG fan would react.

Behind the Scenes:

Log Horizon is based on the light novel of the same name by the author Mamare Touno who also created the recently popular and highly anticipated anime Maouyuu Maou Yuusha. It was produced by NHK Education which has also made Cardcaptor Sakura and Bakuman. The opening song is “database” by Man with a Mission which is awesome. In the beginning it doesn’t feel like it matches with the theme of a fantasy game but, when you watch it gets you pumped for the show.



A Brief View of the World:

The world of Elder Tale is a large fantasy world where many creatures and NPC’s live with the players now. It is brimming with colour and the show does it’s best to emphasize the RPG elements of the world to the viewer. Where the Hud and other elements play a large role in the interaction with others and how the world works for the players. When they die in the game they come back at the local cathedral, though this only work for the players the NPC’s they are gone for good.



I really enjoyed this show, it was entertaining and the character were well developed. If you are and MMORPG fan you will enjoy this show, if you like fantasy or strategy anime you may enjoy this show. Overall since I am a fan of the kinds of shows I did thoroughly enjoyed this show.


This show is very rewatchable, it has an interesting setting, arcs and it equal screen time for most of the characters giving them some depth for the large cast they have.




Maouyuu Maou Yuusha – It is by the same author and it should be an interesting watch. Think of it like Spice and Wolf with accounting and business.


Sword Art Online – Similar scenario, though it is not as heavily focused on the RPG elements of the show.



I do not own any of the images or videos above those belong to their original creators, Mamare Touno and NHK Education.


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