Doctor Who: Patrick Troughton’s The Tomb of the Cybermen


I have been a watcher of New Who since the David Tennant’s first episode and because of this I have not delved into Old Who and decided to use this blog as an excuse to watch some. So I am starting off with The Tomb of the Cyberman because I heard it was exceptional and then I will watch ALL OF TOM BAKER’S RUN. God this is going to be a while. !!! WARNING SPOILERS FOR EPISODE!!!

Part one:

The Doctor and Jamie welcome a new companion to the ship named Victoria. They travel to the planet Telos where it has been said that this was the home world for the cybermen. The meet an archaeological team searching for the tomb of the Cyberman and they find it. They decide to explore the tomb with the Doctor trying to warn them not to activate much of the equipment. The evil women one tries to kill Victoria with some equipment and is stopped by the doctor. the Doctor finds Jamie and another person looking at a hypnotic screen and this result in the other man get shot, the last shot is that of a Cyberman.

Part two:

They figure out that the mechansim is for testing weapons though when they decide to leave the Captain comes and informs them that the ship has been sabotaged, and it will take 72 hours to repair. They decide to explore down the hatch and the obviously evil couple strike trapping the down the hatch and unthawing the Cyberman. The obviously evil couple dies and the episode ends with a close up on the Cyber-Controller’s face saying “You will become like us.”

Obviously did smirk from the man in the back

Obviously did it smirk from the man in the back

Part three:

The Cybermen set this as a trap to get intellectual minds to make superior Cybermen and turns out evil couple female is still alive. The Cybermen tell the Doctor and the rest that they are going to change them into Cybermen and grab the servant of the evil couple and throws him. When the Captain , a crewmate and Victoria are trying to figure out how to open the hatch evil women grabs the gun and threatens them. They disarm her and it turns out evil man of the couple is still alive and he will be the first to change. With the help of the Captain , everyone but the servant escape. Evil man is convinced that if he had more power he could have persuaded them. The evil couple are locked away and try to take apart the test weapons while the Cybermen release the Cybermats. The Cybermats surround them and the Doctor gives them a mental breakdown with an electric wire. The episode ends with a close up on the Cybergun and Jamie in the background shouting “Watch out Doctor.”


Part four:

The person shot is not the Doctor but in fact the crewmate of the Captain. The evil couple’s servant as now been turned part Cyberman and the couple using the Cybergun make the Cyberman listen to their request. The Cyber-Controller agrees and they in turn let him use the revitalizer to recharge. The Doctor then traps the Cyber-Controller in the revitalizer, though once it is complete the Cyber-Controller breaks free and messages the evil couple’s servant, he then attacks them and open the entrance. The Cyber-Controller takes the Cybergun and threatens, the evil woman attack with a normal gun and is killed. The Doctor convinces the servant to attack the Cyber-Controller and destroy him, the Doctor and evil couple’s servant go down the hatch to freeze the rest of the Cybermen with the evil man tailing them with the Cybergun. The Doctor inflates his ego and tell the evil guy he is basically gone mad. The evil man decides to leave them to the Cybermen and the gets a chokehold from a Cyberman and is beat to death. The Servant beats up the remaining Cyberman and leaves and the Doctor freezes the remaining Cybermen, leaving and closing the hatch. The Doctor decides to electrify all the doors so no one else can enter, the Cyber-Controller was alive and attacks and Toberman (The Servant) sacrifices his life to seal the Tomb of the Cybermen.

Final Thoughts:

Patrick Troughton acts as the fool but is a very intelligent man he knows what’s going on in front of him and behind the scenes. He is smarter than everyone in the room though tries not to flaunt it. In one scene where the scientist is trying to figure out the pattern to open the hatch he had done the equation incorrectly and with him noticing the doctor presses the button he did not consider and opens the hatch.

Jamie is a tough Irish man and a great companion to the Doctor. He and the Doctor have great chemistry and you can see that the actors friends in real life through their performance. They had met in a previous performance and were known to use innuendos and playing practical jokes on their female co-stars.

Their faces are priceless.

Their interaction is priceless.

Victoria is the typical damsel in distress all she does is scream and she is not a noteworthy companion. Also she is an idiot The Doctor tells her at one point to watch the other woman and what does she do look at pit for ten minutes so the other woman can put sleeping pills in her drink. Though she has her moments when the cybermat attacks obvious female villain she picks up the gun and kills the cybermat… then immediately puts down the gun and runs away.


The supporting cast are all generic, the worry scientist, the obsessed scientist and the cool captain. I enjoyed the captain the way he spoke demanded authority and he was just fun to see on the screen.

The villains were the Cybermen and the obvious evil couple that freed them. The obvious evil couple are terrible I hate them, when they spoke the first time you thought “Oh they’re evil.” Also the evil coulpe likes to fake they are unconscious,to when they stick up their heads and look and decide not yet and continue to be unconscious. The Cybermen’s salute is a hand to the throat and I thought that was funny. The Cybermen’s voice were very electronic, so electronic that at some point I would miss words they they would say. Also I see no point in picking on the costumes because that is the charm of Old Who and they did the best they could. Overall I really enjoyed it and thought it was a great episode to start watching Old Who on.



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