Heathstone: The Curse of Naxxramus – The Arachnid Quarter


The Curse of Naxxramus came out on Tuesday so I decided that I would do a post about each of the areas and what happens when you beat them. I will do this for the future quarters as they are released. So have fun and learn some new things that may help with your battle in the Arachnid Quarter.

Hearthstone Arachnid Bosses

The Bosses!

In the Arachnid Quarter there are three bosses you have to fight, Anub’Rekhan, Grand Widow Faerlina and Maexxna. Each of them of introduced by the final boss Kel’Thuzad. The introduction is quick and a bit funny. The AI’s respond when you emote to them and for example Maexxna will make a spider-like noise when you emote during the game. The interesting thing about the matches is that they are not bound by the same rules as we are. Maexxna had both rogue and hunter card in her deck both of them being the new Naxxramus class cards.


Using both a Rogue and a Hunter card.

The new cards that became unlockable with beating the Arachnid Quarter were the Haunted Creeper, Nerub’ar Weblord, Nerubian egg and Maexxna. Haunted Creeper looks like it will fit well in a Hunter deck, Nerub’ar Weblord looks like it would fit in a deck that is trying to disable some of the opponents cards, Nerubian egg looks like it would fit great with a Deathrattle deck (Especially one that has Baron Rivendare) and Maexxna is a great removal card with its poison effect and it should fit well in a Hunter deck. When you defeat the bosses for the first time you unlock the class challenges for Druid and Rogue. In them you use premade deck and fight and AI boss, once you win you get either Anub’ar Ambusher or Posion Seeds depending on the class you fight as.

Hearthstone Arachnid Cards

Arachnid Quarter Cards

With the update of Curse of Naxxramus there has been several changes made to the game. There are new intros by the innkeeper in the game, the practice mode is now the Solo Adventure mode (This includes both The Curse of Naxxramus and Practice mode) and a new board and audio tracks. These additions do not feel forced and feel natural too the game. The new board’s interactive elements are fun and I enjoyed finding the new interactive parts of the board was fun. The solo adventure mode was a great spot and it felt similar to a traditional fighting game where they give you the option to practice before the fight.


The New Board

Now to the heroic mode. which is not too bad except for Maexxna. In heroic mode the bosses get 45 health, their hero power is changed and I believe the amount of one kind of card is taken away. For Anub’Rekhan instead of summoning a 1/4 minion he summons a 4/4 minion. Grand Widow Faerlina’s hero power doesn’t change, though it now only costs one mana to use. Maexxna’s hero power changed from costing 3 mana to 0 mana and it automatically targets two random minions each turn, she also starts off with two Haunted Creeper’s on the board. This made Maexxna ridiculously difficult to fight. While the all other fights only took me an hour altogether, maexxna took me an hour in total to defeat. When I was fighting her I was on the right track deck building wise, But the deck I got from Hearthpwn helped me to beat her. So if you need help use this deck, with it I beat it in one attempt.


Hounds against Spiders who will win?

Hounds against Spiders who will win?

Well see you next week for the next quarter “The Plague Quarter.”


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