The Flash First Impressions That I Didn’t See


So a Friend of a Friend of a Friend of a Friend of a Friend’s Cousins Uncle showed me an alleged copy of the new Flash TV Series Pilot that he allegedly downloaded from The PirateBay… So I saw the Pilot for the new Flash series on the CW and I thought that it looked pretty cool. WARNING SPOLIERs!

The Flash is based on the comic book hero of the same name. Though I do not know how much they are going to connect it to the comic books because in the show Barry Allen gets his powers from a particle accelerator malfunctioning leaking unknown and theoretical energies into the world. This may mean that he was connected to the speed force through these unknown energies or that his power come from his particles being accelerated by the particle accelerator.


In the beginning of the show he is shown to have had his mother killed by a person that may or may not be Professor Zoom and since no one believed what a young child was trying to tell the police about a ball of lightning killing his parents and because of that his father was arrested for the murder. Know he is a forensic investigator and uses his Sherlock abilities to understand the crime scene. When the particle accelerator explodes we see a lightning bolt strike him and this leads him to fall into cardiac arrest and Dr. Harrison Wells the man responsible for the Particle accelerator malfunction decides to take the comatose Barry to Star labs for further help.


When Barry awakes he sees himself in Star labs and asks about the incidents. Though he later finds out that he was not the only person affect by the blast and there may be many more people affected by it. He stops a murderer who has been robbing banks using his ability to control the weather and this results in him donning the Flash costume with a little motivation from a man in a green hood. It ends with Barry promising to fight crime and helping people in a flash. Though we later see Dr. Harrison Wells stand up from his wheel chair and look at a newspaper in a hidden room in Star labs. The newspaper reference the Crisis on Infinite Earth’s plotline.

They reference villains and other events to come in the show and I look forward to it in the future. Here is the extended trailer for some motivation to watch the show.


I do not own any of the images and/or video all credit goes to their original creators, DC Comics, and the CW.


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