Heathstone: The Curse of Naxxramus – The Plague Quarter


The Plague quarter was more challenging then the Arachnid Quarter with the bosses abilities being more brutal than before.

The Plague quarter’s bosses are Noth the Plaguebringer, Heigen the Unclean and Loatheb. Similar to the previous quarter these bosses can use spells and cards from other classes I have seen Noth the Plaguebringer use Mage, Warlock. Heigen the Unclean use warlock card and Loatheb uses Druid cards, while all of them use boss cards as well. There are a few cards that are boss cards only in Naxxramus and I did not touch upon them in the last quarter. Noth the Plaguebringer’s boss cards that he uses are Necroknight, Plague and Skeletal Smith. Heigen the Unclean’s boss cards are Deathcharger and Mindpocalypse and Loatheb’s boss cards are Deathcharger, Deathbloom, Spore Burst and Spore.

bosses plague

Necroknight is a 4/6 for 4 with the Deathrattle “Destroy the minions next to this one as well.” Deathcharger is a 2/3 for 1 with Charge and the Deathrattle “deal three damage to your hero.” Noth the Plaguebringer’s specialized cards are plague a 6 mana spell that destroys all non-skeletal minions and Skeletal Smith a 4/3 for 3 with the Deathrattle “destroy your enemies weapon.” Heigen’s specialized card is Mindpolcalypse which is a 2 mana spell where both players draw two cards and gain a mana crystal. Loatheb’s specialized boss cards are Deathbloom a 4 mana spell which deals 5 damage to a minions, and summons a spore and Spore Burst a 1 mana spell that deals one damage to all enemy minions and summons a spore. A Spore is a 0 mana 0/1 minion with the Deathrattle “Give all of your enemy minions +8 attack.” The Spore card is critical in defeating Loatheb with his whopping 75 health in normal mode.

boss cards plague

The hero powers for the bosses are strong as well. Noth the Plague Bringer’s hero power is passive where whenever one of your minions dies Noth gets a 1/1 skeleton. So you are going to have to put minions that won’t die easily or having a way of clearing his board. Heigen the Unclean’s hero power is 1 mana and deals 2 damage to the left most enemy, you are going to want to put your more powerful minions or more useful minions to the right. Loatheb’s hero power is 2 mana and deals three damage to the enemy hero. That is similar to the Hunter’s hero power or the Priest’s hero power if he has used Shadowform twice.

hero power plague

The cards unlocked by defeating the normal mode and the class challenges are The Stoneskin Gargoyle, Unstable Ghoul, Sludge Belcher, Loatheb, Webspinner and Duplicate. The Stoneskin Gargoyle look like it would do well in a priest deck especially paring it with the Northshire Cleric for a possible extra card every turn. The Unstable ghoul is similar to a one time use Wild Pyromancer and The Sludge Belcher is a 1 mana more Sen’jin Sheildmasta except is replaces itself after it is killed. I originally thought the Webspinner would give you a random beast from your deck, I was proven wrong during the class challenge where you deck consists of 30 webspinners. Duplicate is good if you know a minion you like is going to die, you are going to have two copies of it after the fact. The deck I used on all three was a Hunter deck, here is the deck list I used…

call of the wild

Though I have decided that I will talk about the heroic mode all together in the end, but if you need help fighting in heroic mode Hearthpwn has a great guide to help you with it. I will include the link below.



All the image do not belong to me the were either found on Google images or the majority were found on hearthstone.gamepedia.com, go there to find more information on a bunch of great cards.


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