X-Men Days of Future’s Past: This Was Pretty Good


The Facts are These:

In the future robots known as sentinels have been created to destroy mutants and any human that assists mutants. With the help of the mutant Kiddy Pryde they send Wolverine’s conciousness back to 1973 to stop her from assassinating Bolivar Trask and using her DNA to create superior sentinels. Can they stop the sentinels and save their kind from extinction.


So I enjoyed The Days of Future Past, I thought they did a great job meshing both timelines together and the effects were well done. There were funny moments and exciting moments as well. The character I enjoyed the most was QuickSilver, he was quirky and you had a good time whenever he was on screen. There were some timeline issues I had trouble with, for example Kiddy Prydes new mental time travel ability, and why wasn’t future Professor Xavier able to walk. It was mentioned before that he transplanted his conciousness into his comatose brother, so he should have no problem walking, also the sentinels from the future look like similar to the destroyer from Thor, especially when they are fire the laser. Well overall the movie had some awesome scenes, a some funny references.


Behind the Scenes:

X-Men Days of Future Past is based on the characters from the X-Men comics and partially based on the storyline of the same name. The movie was directed by Bryan Singer who has worked on the previous X-Men movies. The movie is the seventh instalment in the X-Men theatrical movie franchise and is the highest grossing film in the series and of 2014. Here is the trailer…



A Brief View of the World:

The movie takes place in two world the past and the future. In the future most of the mutants and mutant corroborators have been eliminated by the sentinels making the world a desolate place. The past is during the 1970 when for some reason the technology produced by Bolivar is 100 more advanced then ours. The future is the normal post apocalyptic world and the past is stereotypical 1970’s fan fare.


I really enjoyed this movie, it was fun and entertaining. Usually during movie I squirm around my seat to get comfortable if I am bored and I did not do this the whole movie. I was extremely entertained the cast did a great job. The stand out performance was Peter Dinklage, he took whatever scene he was in and was a power house.



If you are a fan of X-men then you can watch this show over, and over again and not get bored. If you are not this is still a great popcorn flick for a night at the movie. So go watch this movie over and over again.




Watch the other X-men movie, though not the Wolverine movies… Those suck.


I do not own any of the above used pictures and/or video they belong to their original creators, Marvel Studios, and 20th Century Fox.


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