Robin McLaurin Williams’ Passing: A Star has Fallen


Say Hi to Rodney you Kings of Laughter.

When I walked down stars to here my mom tell me that Robin Williams had passed away I thought it was a joke. You hear hoaxes of celebrities passing away all the time and they don’t usually phase me. I always think it’s a shame that they have passed and I hope for good things to come to their families, but this is one of the first celebrity passings that hit me emotionally.

Robin Williams’ movies have been in many important parts of my life, one of my earliest cartoon movies I remember is Aladdin and the first live-action Disney movie I remember renting with my dad was Flubber. One of the first movies I saw in high school was the Dead Poet’s society and the movie I had to analyse for a college class was Mrs. Doubtfire. I have always loved Robin Williams performances in whatever movie he was in. He light up the screen with humour, but that is not to say that his dramatical roles were anything to scoff at. He had depth as an actor that very few other actors had and that talent will sorely be missed.

One of my Favourite Quotes from the Dead Poet’s Society

Though Robin Williams did things other than acting in his life, he was a fantastic stand-up comedian that would always make me laugh and his love of The Legend of Zelda resulted in him naming his daughter Zelda. The things we must remember about him is not of his apparent suicide, but the good he has done for the world. Robin Williams helped in the program Comedy Relief that ran concerts and variety shows to help the homeless.

Here is one of my favourite stand-up bits that explains one of my favourite sports PERFECTLY. 

Robin Williams was and always will be an amazing actor and because of this from Thursday to Sunday I will review four movies featuring Robin Williams.


Thank You Robin, You will be dearly missed.


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