Hellsing: Alucard backwards is WHAT!


The Facts are These:

Hellsing is a vampire extermination group settled in England run by Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing (Jesus that’s a long name). Under here employment there is two vampire Alucard and the former police girl turned vampire Seras Victoria. With the strain of a new breed of vampires arising it is up to them to stop them.


God this series is pretty good for when it came out. The voice acting include Crispin Freeman as Alucard and he does a great job, so good in fact I refused to watch it subtitle because he play the character that well. All the other voice actors do their jobs well they play them to how their characters act. The animation looks like something that came out in 2001… wait it came out in 2001… It looks great for when  it came out. It was a very dark story with elements of comedy and the show worked out great.

Behind the Scenes:

Hellsing is based on the manga of the same name by the author Kouta Hirano whose other works include Drifters, Hellsing: The Dawn and Crossfire. Hellsing was produced by studio Gonzo which their other works include Welcome to the NHK, Rosario + Vampire and Shangri-La. When the series came out the manga was still ongoing so after episode 8 the show does not follow the manga and instead we get the villain Incognito which is nowhere near as good as the Major. The opening song is The World Without Logos by Yasushi Ishii it has a cool beat and fits with the way Alucard works.



A Brief View of the World:

Hellsing takes place mostly in Britain at the Hellsing Organization (Formerly known as the Royal Order of Protestant Knights) located at the outskirts of London at the Hellsing mansion. It resemble the classic royal British mansion and castles of the past. The overall setting is in England so it looks how England would look, very European and overall matching the setting very well.


I enjoyed this series though the parts that were not from the originals works were not as well done because they were not as well planned. This series is god and is enjoyable though it is not as good as it’s recent counterpart. The series is overall good with a great English voice cast and interesting characters, though you you look at Incognito and you wonder what the studio was thinking, were they trying to get him to resemble Count Orlok from Nosferatu.



This series is somewhat rewatchable though you can feel it is lacking in some areas and that you now it could be better especially if you read the source material. Though it keeps you entertained enough to rewatch it and enjoy it several times.


6/10 – It’s Okay


Shiki – Another vampire another though this one is set in rural Japan.


Hellsing Ultimate – If you enjoyed Hellsing than you will enjoy Hellsing Ultimate based solely on the manga and with a bigger budget.



I do not own any of the above used pictures and/or video they belong to their original creators, Kouta Hirano, Gonzo and Funimation.


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