Dungeons and Dragons Next: The New Adventurer on the Block


So around march of this year I started to play Dungeons and Dragons and my local hobby shop. It is a fun and interesting game, so I decided to talk about the new starter set that came out as well as some of my fun adventures in the game. Though this may be boring because it is all about me so I’m sorry if it is.

My first time playing dungeons and dragons was around two years ago when me and my friends were bored and decided to buy a game at the hobby shop. There we saw Dungeons and Dragons and decided to give it a try though this ended with four amateurs trying to make characters from the red box starter set and spending three hours doing that and not starting a quest. So we decided to start the campaign another night where not everyone arrived result in the game being left in the closet to never be seen from or heard from again. One day I went back to the hobby shop and saw them playing Dungeons and Dragons, they let me join in and I went every Wednesday after that.

The were many difference between the D&D 4.5 and D&D 5 that I found strange when I started. There were several feat you could start off with in D&D 4.5 and your stats were ridiculously high compared to D&D 5. When I was trying to migrate the character I made for D&D 4.5 to D&D 5 there were many alterations to the stat sheet that had to be made. My Character was considerably weaker, though this did not affect the gameplay compared to D&D 4.5, it made it more streamlined and it seemed like every fight was an even fight, you could take one 3 enemies of moderates stats without dying. It was an easy transition and I enjoyed the gameplay and stories.


Well since I have been playing D&D 5 since march we have gone through several campaigns and right now we are playing Dead in Thay and when you play Dungeons and Dragons and you have a group of fun individuals, the game is ten time better. We were walking through the forest of slaughter when we heard to large animals fighting so one party member decides to run towards the noise to see what was happening. The Dungeon Master told us it was two BEARS we were like oh okay, the he said sorry I meant giant thunder dragon Behrs, right after my friend decided to attack them… So with four of our seven party member unconscious we move on to the gambling den(I can’t remember the name I just remember they were gambling there.) There was this really cool vampire that was okay with us hanging there and gambling on the match of a Roc against a team of humans, one which was an NPC friend. What we didn’t know was the Roc was telepathic and decided to talk to me about gambling on the match. So everyone in my team thought I was crazy about talking to myself.

Overall Dungeons and Dragons is a fun game for friends and you can all have a great time. I recommend it for a game night as long as everyone prepares their characters beforehand. I’m sorry if this blog post seemed boring I just wanted to talk about one of my new favourite games.



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