Black Lagoon and the Second Barrage : F#*K DA POLICE!


The Facts are These:

Okajima Rokuro is a Japanese business man transporting confidential files from his company in the south China seas until a group of mercenaries take the files and take him. Learning he has been abandoned by his company, how will Rokuro change as a member of the Lagoon Company, or as he is now known as Rock.


This show is everything a madman could think of with the action, comedy and the underworld. This show does its best to describe the difference between the the normal everyday life of a working man to how the underworld works. Where crime, drugs, cheating and hookers are a normal everyday experience and to live their you have to change. This is seen in Rock and Revy with their interactions with the people of Roanapur differ to the straight laced Rock and the mercenary Revy. Rock throughout the series slowly changes though he does not lose his care for other like so many other in the series have done.

Behind the Scenes:

Black Lagoon is based off the Manga of the same name by Rei Hiroe with this being his most notable work. The anime was produced by studio Madhouse whose other notable works include Redline and Monster. The opening song is very similar to the to the show chaotic and fun while the opening is calm and relaxing making you think about what you just what and bringing you down from there. The opening song is Red Fraction by Mell and the ending song is Don’t Look Behind by Edison. Here they are…


The series is licensed for distribution by Funimation in North America and by Kaze in the UK


A Brief View of the World:

The story takes place in Roanapur the port city in the south China sea, a place made by criminals cooperating towards a single interest. The city was established after the Vietnam war in a dying port town. There are a couple of well known groups in Roanapur, The Rip-off Church, The Triad, and Hotel Moscow. It is a lawless city where everything goes and everyone is corrupt even the officials.


This show is action, cursing and blood, so if you are looking for a good time and want to see a lot of action, comedy and enjoyable characters this is the show for you. It’ fun and if you enjoys those things you will want to keep on watching and and then start to stare at the author and ask him to continue the manga… WHAT DID YOU SAY, he is writing again… PRAISE JESUS!



With the first and second season being only 26 episodes it is definitely rewatchable and is well worth it for the excitement and fun from the show you receive.




Jormungand – This show has a similar overall concept with Black Lagoon except sub out mercenaries with weapons dealers.


Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom – The series share a similar main character with both of them being taken out of their environments and having to adapt to them.



I do not own any of the above used pictures and/or video they belong to their original creators, Rei Hiroe, madhouse and Funimation.


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