The Manga Shelf: Ares


The Facts are These:

After more than two hundred years the Kingdom of Clarines has moved in the decline. With the years of peace, the country known as the “Land of the Sword” is left with old heroes. With threats from several countries facing them, it is up to the kingdom to hire the Temple mercenaries. Will the Temple Mercenaries be enough to help, and will their new recruit Ares, and his friends Michael and Baroona make a difference.


This manga shows how countries change in the tides of war. Our three main protagonist each represent a person affected by war, a noble, a commoner and a slave. The series shows interesting character interaction and impressive fight scenes. Ares gets the most development with Baroona getting the least. The main focus the reader sees with Ares is his love Ariadne, a sheltered princess from Chronos. This may seem randomly inserted for Ares and Ariadne to love, but we see how much he truly cares for her, willing to show her how vicious it is to murder people even though she will hate him afterwards. Through the character interactions, the politics and fight scenes this series keeps you hooked looking for and giving you more of what you love about the series.

Behind the Scenes:

The Manwha is written and drawn by Ryu Kum-Chel with his other works being Nephilim and King Mureyeong (At the time of this review this project is untranslated). There is not much behind the scenes for Ares with a interesting fact being the use of Greek Gods names in the story. Chronos the personification of time, Ares the god of war, and the name Ares is specifically mentioned as the name of the god of war, showing that in their world they have similar gods of ancient Greece.

Vagrant Soldier Ares

Vagrant Soldier Ares

A Brief View of the World:

The world of Ares is similar to Ancient Rome with Chronos being similar to Rome. The landscapes are large and it’s developing still. Sword skills are well established and are looked upon in high regard especially during these time of war. There are many different styles of clothing, armour, ships and cities depending on what region of the world you live in. Allowing the reader to see each country differently through their appearance.


The series is an incredibly enjoyable manga and is in my top of favourite manga list. It has great action, characters and an overall feel. The series shows you the problems of war, they do not try an make look epic (though they succeed), they live and breath to fight knowing that it will be the end of them.


This series is definitely worth a reread to understand the character and just to enjoy the story, It is an exciting and gripping read and I would recommend it to anyone.




I will recommend two of my other favourite manga.

Eat-man – About a man how can eat anything and can rebuild whatever he eats.


Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer – This manga has a lot of foreshadowing and a great story.



I do not own any of the above used pictures and/or video they belong to their original creators, and Ryu Kum-chel.


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