Here Comes The Anger Train: ANIPLEX OF AMURICA!


Well this is something different than what I normally do and this may become a regular thing, but GOD DAMN IT ANIPLEX OF AMERICA. As some anime collector know shows that are produced in Japan get licensed by differing companies be it for streaming, televising or retail. Aniplex of America has been licensing a lot of great shows from Japan though normally this is not bad getting several companies to offer your product to is great and allows the business to grow. Though Aniplex of America follows a similar business style to how anime works in Japan though not to the extent. See in Japan Anime is really expensive, so much so, that we can consider ourselves lucky for the prices we pay. A single volume of Eureka Seven can cost up 6480 Yen on Amazon, converted to Canadian Dollars that would be $67.59. That is the amount we pay for the complete series and they pay it for 4 episodes. Though if you want to get Eureka Seven Complete Series Bluray Special Edition Parts 1 and 2 on Amazon”Boy, oh boy your a collector” because Part 1 costs 88,000 Yen and Part 2 costs 48,930. Which converted from Yen to Canadian Dollars would be for Part 1 $917.84 and Part 2 would be $510.34, for a total of $1429.18 for the complete series.


Though that is how the market works in Japan because they raise the price so that for every person that bought the product for the higher price they would need fewer sales to earn their money back unlike how Funimation works. They sell the products for a lower price and sell more copies making less money on individual sales and more on the amount of sales. So this is where Aniplex of America gets their selling prices from, they understand that in north america no one would pay for a whole show for a little under $1500 though they charge similar prices. For the first season of Fate/Zero on Bluray is $149.98 and Season 2 is $139.98 for a total of $289.96 for the complete series. Not almost $1500, but still a little far from my price range. They are using the same system as in Japan to a smaller extent to earn back their money by charging more and selling less.


Though not all series are expensive Baccano! on Bluray sold for $49.98 and The Garden Sinner Movie Set for $149.98. When you consider you buy a new animated movie for around $20, you multiply that by 7 it is reasonably priced, though some of my favourite series sell for a ridiculous price. Take for instance one of my favourite anime Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann when the DVD complete series was owned by Bandai it sold for 49.98, Now Aniplex of America owns the rights and the DVD set sells for $139.98. You know what it’s more, though it comes with a lot of feature and extras, I may buy it. You know what I’m thinking of upgrading to Bluray and Aniplex of America has the only Bluray set, can I expect to pay an additional $30 for the Bluray upgrade… Pardon me, what was that $549.98 for the Complete Bluray Series… What the hell I understand that you included the movies and and more special feature then the DVD set, but almost $600 for it is ridiculous for a 27 episode series.


Needless to say, Aniplex of America licenses several great series and they can choose to charge whatever they want because it is their product though , the fans who cannot afford to dish out $289.98 and $549,98 for their series on Bluray are disappointed. This is because they can’t own a series that they enjoyed and want to support. I am a collector of Movies, TV Series and Anime, I know prices can change depending on demand and the amount of features or different packaging added, though for a person who just wants to enjoy their favourite shows Aniplex of America charges a bit much.


Here are the sources for my information and prices A


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2 Responses to Here Comes The Anger Train: ANIPLEX OF AMURICA!

  1. Matthew says:

    As much as I would like to watch some these anime, I would not want to spend an arm and leg for one collection. I just want a DVD so I can watch, not have to spend $200 on DVDs with exclusive stuff.

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