Dungeons and Dragons 5: Players Handbook Thoughts


Well a bit ago I talked about the DND 5e starter set, so hear are my thoughts about the player’s handbook.

What I like about the D&D players handbook is the detail. This is the first players handbook I have bought because I got into D&D during the D&D Next Beta. The D&D players handbook is $49.99, but it is really high quality. Sure I am going to bitch about the price, but you can see the quality of the book and the time put into building this system. The adventures are 25 dollars which I find extremely worth it. For a fun adventure to do with friends. I see D&D similar to when I switched over to my new internet provider. They charge you around three hundred dollars to buy all the items needed to get their internet, but after that you pay a really low price to continue using the internet. You may pay alot to start off, but you will get endless fun from it. So I think of the book as an investment so me and my friends can have fun.


As I said before the quality of the book is high. The paper and the cover is high quality. It has a glossy front and has a matte finish for half of the back. The picture that are in the book are great they are interesting and fuel your imagination for the adventures that will come. The detail you find in this book will help you get through any problems involving building a character or arguments that you may have with the DM over what you think is right. Like when you passed a stealth check and the DM refuses to believe you and thinks you cheated and because of this you get killed by a group of kobolds and guards… FUCK YOU MATT! I digress this book will help you play and understand the game.


Now time to talk about my favourite things in the book. When playing the Beta there was no Sorcerer class, so that means that there was not the Sub-Class Wild Mage… WILD MAGE IS FUCKING AWESOME! If you cast a spell the DM can ask you to roll a D20 and if you land on 1 you have to roll a D100 to get a random after-effect. On my first spell, he asks me to roll and I get a 1. I went crazy, I was so excited and rolled my D100 and got the ability that for the next minute, I regain 5 hit point each turn. Which is a really good effect. A horribly bad one to get is cast a level 3 fireball on yourself. That would be an instant kill at level one. that is what makes Wild Mage so much fun and I was excited to play it.

A list of fun, great and horrible things

A list of fun, great and horrible things

Well those are my experiences with D&D and I hope you guys start playing if you haven’t and keep on playing if you are.


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