Anime Flea Market


I go to Anime North every year and always find some good deals while I am there, because of my attendance to Anime North I get emails of events happening in Toronto that involve anime. So last month I got an email about an anime flea market and decided that me and my friend would go to check it out and I found some great deals.


In my first minute there I bought Cromartie High School the complete collection from ADV Films for 15 dollars. I bundled that with Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind and Cardcaptors the Movie for a total of 20 dollars. Cromartie High School sells on amazon used for 89.99 dollars and up. Cardcaptors Sakura the Movie sells on amazon used for 30 dollars and up, and Nausicca in the Valley of the Wind sells for 12.34 and up. Adding that all up comes to 132.33 dollars meaning I saved 112.33 on this purchase.

After making a couple laps I happen to see the Book of Clow from Cardcaptors, with all the cards in there. This was a nostalgia trip and I was determined to get it. I turned to her and she just said 10 bucks, I told her “SOLD!” I looked online and on ebay it has sold for 30 to 60 dollars. After that I went and saw a Roronoa Zoro figure that was wind up and had a beyblade ripcord attached to it. I thought it was weird, but I would buy it for a good price. I negotiated her down to 12 dollars for it and called it a day. I don’t know the price for the figure, but it was a cool figure… And that was my day at an anime flea market, I would go to one in the future again. I might talk about my great finds on DVDs and Blurays in the future.



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