Evangelion 1.11: You Are (NOT) My Friend


The Facts are These:

The story focuses around the young boy Shinji Ikari who is the pilot of “Evangelion Unit-01” to fight mysterious creatures called Angels. With the emotional state of a teenager, the problems with his father, and the pressure from piloting “Evangelion Unit-01” it is up to Shinji and the other pilots to save the world from the Third Impact.


Many of many of times I have had people tell me “Watch Neon Genesis Evangelion it is the best anime” or “It’s so emotional.” Well my opinion is IT’S SHIT well that is all I can say for Neon Genesis Evangelion because I have only watch the first 10 episodes then I stopped because it didn’t have my interest to continue. My opinion is so harsh because of the constant nagging to watch it. So when Evangelion 1.01 came out on DVD I bought it to shut them up and watch it and I enjoyed it. It cut out most of the scenes I saw as useless in the original series and streamlined it and the greatest thing they did was make Shinji a relatable character instead of a whiny bitch. I found it more interesting then the original series.

Behind the Scenes:

Evangelion 1.11 is based on the 1995 anime Neon Genesis Evangelion written and directed by Hideaki Anno. Hideaki Anno wrought and directed the original series and sequels movies to the original series as well as Gunbuster. The movie was produced and co-distributed by Studio Kara, Hideaki’s own company and Studio Gainax which released the originals series. The Movie was distributed in North America by Funimation with two releases of the movie. Evangelion 1.01 and Evangelion 1.11. Evangelion 1.11 was given a retransfer to fix the darkness of the originals and add an additional 3 minutes of footage to the first 15 minutes of the film.



A Brief View of the World:

The world of Evangelion is our own world though the second impact made Tokyo-3 all that remains of Japan, with giant creature known as Angels attack the city trying to eradicate all of humankind. The city is fortified for attack prepared with underground bunkers and the base of NERV underneath to defend the city and guard an entity that can bring along a third impact.


I enjoyed the movie immensely, it fixed the problem I had with the original series, though after this movie it apparently the story changes from the original and that means at one point I will have to finish the original series. . Though some people had problems with the dark quality of the images I didn’t notice it and until I read about it I didn’t care. The movie is a great and is accessible to new fans of the franchise.


 1.01                                                  1.11



With a runtime of an hour and a half it is accessible to watch this movie to get into the series because most scenes are shot for shot of the original series. It is a great watch and I highly reccommend it.


9/10 – It’s GREAT!


Trigun – Both are set in a post apocalyptic world and the main characters are chased by their pasts.


Eureka Seven – For the Mechs and character development.



I do not own any of the above used pictures and/or video they belong to their original creators, Hideaki Anno, Studio Khara, Studio Gainax, and Funimation.


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4 Responses to Evangelion 1.11: You Are (NOT) My Friend

  1. stuffies12 says:

    You got to keep pushing with the original NGE! It’s so much like TTGL and Kill la Kill in the sense that all the good stuff happens at the second half of the show (funny since they’re derived from the same studio). It slowly moves away from mecha at that point. If you plan on getting back to the main series, the movie is also a must. You’ll see why.

  2. Matthew says:

    I never seen the original series but I did enjoy this movie. I watched it on Toonami last year and the year before. I would like to try both Trigun and Eureka Seven. I heard Eureka Seven was a good mecha-romance series but the sequel AO did not do well.

    • dandylion13 says:

      yeah most fans did not like the Eureka Seven AO. Trigun is a great series and I bought the Evangelion movies on a whim because I wanted to give evangelion a chance.

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