The Irresponsible Captain Tylor: … Eh, I Guess I’ll Do a Review


The Facts are These:

A mysterious young man without a real purpose in life finds his way through a series of fortunate accidents, resulting in him becoming the Captain of the underpowered war ship the Soyokaze. Then through a series of accidents he launches a sneak attack on another patrol group. This is the story of Captain Tylor one of the greatest captains in the army, even though he doesn’t know it.


I started to watch this show because I listened to an interview by Crispin Freeman at Anime Expo. He talked about how he enjoyed the character and how interesting he thought the show was. So I gave it a try and was extremely pleased, it is one of those space opera’s where you look at this man and wonder how is this happening. He is really irresponsible he shouldn’t be a Captain, but he works, whatever he does he succeeds, but he is not trying to. The crew don’t respect him in the beginning, but under his command they grow to understand and enjoy him as their Captain.

Here is the panel Crispin Freeman did…



Behind the Scenes:

The series was written and directed by Koichi Mashimo who has worked on such other anime as Phantom – Requiem for a Phantom and Tsubasa Chronicles. The series is based on the light novel series by the same name written by Hitoshi Yoshioka. The series was produced Tatsunoko Production which has created such anime as Sket Dance and Ping Pong the Animation, it was licensed and distributed by Right Stuf Inc. The opening theme for the show was “Just Think of Tomorrow” by Mari Sasaki. Here it is for you to enjoy…



A Brief View of the World:

The world Captain Tylor lives in is that of the future where space travel and artificial intelligence are possible. Captain Tylor is a commander of the Soyokazi in the earth’s fights against the Raalgon. The Raalgon forces are trying to invade to avenge their previous emperor, under the suspicion that earth was responsible for it. In this story we see that the Raalgon are not completely evil and the United Planet’s Space Force are not completely good.


The Crew of the Soyokazi


This series is enjoyable if you like space drama’s or just an interesting show look no further. It is fun, but an interesting show that makes you think about how Captain Tylor get the things he does done.


The series is rewatchable with only 26 episodes if you want to run through it.




Martian Successor Nadesico – For a space drama with the same feel.


Cowboy Bebop – For an episodic space adventure.



I do not own any of the above used pictures and/or video they belong to their original creators, Tatsunoko Prouction, Right Stuf Inc. and Hitoshi Yoshioka.


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2 Responses to The Irresponsible Captain Tylor: … Eh, I Guess I’ll Do a Review

  1. The first three episodes are the hardest to watch through of this series, but the rest of the show is great fun. It kind of exuded a Taoist vibe in that our hero just goes with the flow and reaps all kinds of triumphs. After all, Taoism essentially teaches it’s followers to passively accept whatever comes their way, and by doing so one shall gain all one’s desires. Or, I could just be reading too much into a comedy about a hero with impossibly good luck. 🙂

    The biggest problem with the show is the dub. Crispin Freeman so far outshines everyone else as to make them sound bad. So, I can really only watch the subbed version.

    • dandylion13 says:

      Crispin Freeman does a better job then the rest of the actor’s in the show. Though I did not think of the show through a Taoist vibe, what you wrote is exactly how Tylor progresses through life.

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