One Piece 3D2Y 15th Anniversary Special: Redhawk DOWN!


So I got a Crunchyroll 48-hour guest pass from Anime ga Daisuki, he has a pretty cool anime blog, you can check it out here ( ), Thanks a lot for the pass again man. Anyway when I was looking through the random anime I found the One Piece 15th Anniversary Post and I thought I would talk about it. So here we go me talking about a shounen show I really enjoy. Here comes ONE PIECE!

The story follows what happened to Luffy during the two years of training with Rayleigh. How he developed his Haki and fighting against a criminal who escaped Level 6 of Impel Down when Luffy was there. He is fighting a pirate known as Byrnndi World aka “World Destroyer” with the power of the More More Fruit that can increase the speed and size of an object he touches to one hundred times it’s original. It is up to Luffy and Boa Hancock to stop him and save Boa’s sisters.

Brynndi World

Brynndi World

There are two things I enjoy in shounens, 1). I like absurd powers and amazing fights, 2). I like training montages (GOD I love a good training montage). This special has both of those and more. We see that Luffy had to push through and train hard to get to the power level he has on the series now, it did not come easy to him. It is cool to know a little bit of what happened during the two years we didn’t see Luffy and what was going on during that time. I also enjoyed seeing the Amazons again, when Luffy left their island I was hoping that an Amazon would join their crew so they could get more of a fighting force and more women on board because, seriously there is only two women among 7 men.

Luffy's Outfit in the special

Luffy’s Outfit in the special

Anyway I liked how Luffy wasn’t proficient with Haki he had to get his ass kicked by the beasts on the island over and over again, though he only progressed to 50% use of Haki. It wasn’t until he fought with Brynndi World that he began to get better, even during the fight Brynndi says that “He is getting better as we fight.” Also cool note this is the first timeline wise that Luffy uses Gomu Gomu no Redhawk, and when he sees the flame he says “It’s Aces flare.” I thought that was a nice moment there even though it was a quick one. Brynndi had an overall interesting backstory, as we see him in the beginning of the special he is a ruthless man who wants to destroy everything. However, we learn that in the past he cared deeply for his brother and they decided to set out on the sea together despite his brother’s sickness. From his travels on the sea he became a rougher and more ruthless man, until his crew betrays him and when he is on the verge of being captured, his brothers and best friends escape and leave him there. He wasn’t some one note special episode villain, he felt the pain that Luffy went through, but succumbed to the pain unlike Luffy who pushed through the pain.

Gomu Gomu no Red Hawk

Gomu Gomu no Red Hawk

Overall it was a great special for fans of the series, it was long though, like the length of a movie. It ran for a 107 minutes around the length of 5 episodes, so it is not a quick watch, but overall it was great.




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