The New Season: Gotham, Forever and Scorpion


Here is a brief look into my thought on the pilot’s of these shows.



Scorpion is a rag tag group of geniuses that work together using their varied skill to solve problems to hard for anyone else. This show overall was interesting, I mean it wasn’t great or anything, but I would probably give it a few more episodes. The characters all had their flaws, you could see that from how they were blatantly shown to you. In the show the group is poor because they lost track of the money and are brought in by the government to help fix an error caused by the airport updating their systems. If they don’t do it in time the planes will crash and thousands will die. It is a typical crime show where if they don’t do it in time then many will be dead. Also I have to mention this, the show is loosely based on the life of self-proclaimed genius Walter O’Brien.



Dr. Henry Morgan is a man who can never die, an immortal if you would, he works as a medical examiner for the NYPD. He is being stalked by a man who claims he’s immortal as well. Now it is a game of cat and mouse where Henry might just realize how he acquired this regrettable curse. The show is a cop procedural with the twist of the lead being immortal, it’s similar to the 2008 series New Amsterdam. Though I am going to continue to watch this show for two reasons. 1). I like stories about immortals, come right up my alley. 2). Dr. Henry Morgan is played by Ioan Gruffudd, I enjoyed him as Doctor Reed Richards and I enjoy him here.



Before there was Batman the city of Gotham was in chaos with crime on the rise and the only ones who could protect the city are the police. Here we met Detective James Gordan a Rookie Detective who is trying to fix the city from the inside. I was really surprised about this I thought it was going to be another police procedural show with the backdrop of a superhero world. The cast was great and I enjoyed each reference we saw on TV and the story was dark and compelling like you would see in a comic book.

Overall, these shows are good I will probably watch them a bit longer with the exception of Gotham, I am going to finish it. Here are my rating on the pilots based on my personal enjoyment.

Scorpion: 6/10

Forever: 7/10

Gotham: 8/10


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