The Legend of Korra Season 4 Episode 1: After All These Years


So I am starting an episodic review of the new season of Legend of Korra. As you know I like Avatar and there will be review of the Legend of Korra previous seasons in the future, but for now it is time to talk about season 4 of Legend of Korra. I am going to SPOIL the whole episode then give my thoughts on it so you have been WARNED.

(Also this is outside of SUPERHERO MONTH, unless you think of the Avatar like an amazing superhero, like I do.)

So this season takes place three years after the previous season, with the focus being on the inauguration of the new king of the earth kingdom, Prince Wu.


Does the Earth Kingdom Ruler always have to be smug

We cut to Kai and Opal taking down a group of bandits in a earth kingdom town, showing us the condition the earth kingdom still is after three years.

They look like literal superhero costumes.

They look like literal superhero costumes.


Meanwhile in the earth kingdom we see Kuriva from the previous season working with Bolin and and Opal’s brother, trying to reunite the earth kingdom territories and on the way take down some bandits and force them the join the cause.



After this Kuriva and her crew arrive at the same town that Opal and Kai are trying to protect and how they try to save the town, without making them pledge loyalty to Kuriva. They ultimately fail and the town pledges loyalty to Kuriva. Meanwhile we get everyone is waiting to see Korra, because she is coming to the coronation, especially Meelo.



We then see that the Southern Water Tribe ship arrives and Korra is not on it. Tonraq tells us she has been gone for six months and she has been sending him letters telling him that she is here. We cut to Avatar Korra in a Earthbending match and losing horribly, she walks away after the match denying that she is the Avatar.



Overall, this was and awesome start to the season. We see how the world is different from before and we get hints as to who the villain is and what their goal is. It was bold to hold off showing Korra till the end of the episode, but it was worth it and it was awesome. We see how she is a shadow of herself and that she is lost. Anyway awesome start I can’t wait to see more.


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7 Responses to The Legend of Korra Season 4 Episode 1: After All These Years

  1. It’s heart breaking but I feel like Korra should of undergone this change when Amon took away her bending. For someone who had built their entire identity on their physical change I can not wait for Korra to change and adapt. Hopefully she becomes more spiritual and less rash.

    (More thoughts on this in my review of Change that’s due in a few days!)

    • dandylion13 says:

      I don’t know about when Amon took her bending away, I feel it is better here because when Amon took it away she got it back shortly afterwards. Here it has been three years and the airbenders and the Earth Kingdom Unifiers are doing the job she was meant to do. With Amon she felt that she was still needed as the Avatar her she doesn’t.

  2. “when Amon took it away she got it back shortly afterwards”
    Yeah that was something I really disliked, instead of Korra striving to change and better herself, she was just given her bending back. When Aang wanted to learn earth bending, the best part of it wasn’t him physically mastering it, it was changing his mentality. Earth bending tackled his fundamental flaw, Aang would rather run away from trouble then confront it. Earth bending changed that mindset and it’s why I loved Avatar so much, learning a skill isn’t just about repetition you change your perspective and grow as a human.

    • dandylion13 says:

      I have to agree that I do enjoy The Last Airbender better, though the themes for both series are different. Atlab is more a of classic magical quest to destroy the evil king, while Tlok focuses on modern problems, revolution and military coup. So I would say the the struggles of learning the bending style is different because of that. Aang had to work hard to master each element, especially with earthbending, but when Korra was born she already had control of three of the four elements with ease. Korra has always gotten what she wanted and because of that, I guess that now the world doesn’t need her she is lost.

      • dandylion13 says:

        Sorry for the long winded reply.

      • Long winded? I hope you don’t throw abuse at me when you read my essays or articles. I agree, Korra’s plot is a lot more mature and sophisticated, farewell one dimensional ‘evil’ villains. I’ll be looking forward to replying and talking about Avatar/anime on your blog. Though I will say that I’m generally not a big anime fan I mean I JUST finished Cowboy Bepop.

      • dandylion13 says:

        I meant long winded for a comment, your essay on element bending comparing to between the two series made me notice the difference between the two, I also look forward to talking about Avatar in the future with you as well. Also you finished a great anime series.

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