SuperHero Month: Batman The Movie (1966)


The Facts are These:

Batman and Robin two of the world’s greatest detective working together to stop crime in Gotham city. When they receive a tip that Commodore Scmidlapp is in danger they try and rescue him to find him and his yacht disappear in front of them. With all of Batman’s greatest villains teaming up and using a weapon that can turn people to dust it is up to Batman and the Boy Wonder to save the world.


When you watch this movie after marathoning the Dark Knight Trilogy you find this movie weird, but hilarious. It has it’s own place amongst all of the Batman movies and is a great watch. If you watch this movie thinking it is similar to the Dark Knight Trilogy you will be disappointed, but if you watch it just to have a good time, then you will have a good time. The movie is corny and fun and when watching with friends it is a riot.

Behind the Scenes:

The movie was produced by 20th Century Fox which has made such other movies as Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter, Ice Age and Alvin and the Chipmunks. The movies features character created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger who created the character Batman. The movie was directed by Leslie H. Martin who has directed many television episodes from the 50’s to the 80’s. The movie was written by Lorenzo Sempler Jr. who has written such movies as Flash Gordon and the Parallax View.

Look at the breathtaking green screen.

Look at the breathtaking green screen.

A Brief View of the World:

The city of Gotham is a city full of crime a dark murky world with no hope for a peaceful life… nope that’s the wrong one. The city of Gotham in this movie is bright, colourful and is full of enjoyment. The villains are goofy and comical in the way they behave, however the same can be said for the heroes. It is bright and everything that happens takes place during the day, because you know, a villain wouldn’t attempt to do something at night because people would be sleeping.


This movie is extremely enjoyable it is a hoot and a riot. You will have an amazing time if you and your friends want to watch a funny movie.


This movie is definitely rewatchable with a run time of a hour and fourty minutes. It is fun and just a swell old time.




The Invention of Lying – A fun little comedy with one of my favourite comedians Ricky Gervais.


The Mask – A comedy superhero movie similar to this one.



I do not own any of the above used pictures and/or video they belong to their original creators, Bob Kane, Bill Finger and 20th Century Fox.


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