Tiger and Bunny: The Beginning: Go, Kotetsu!


The Facts are These:

Sternbild City houses people with extraordinary abilities called NEXT. With the rise of these heroes we see them being sponsored and promoted on the television show, HERO TV. The series focuses on two heroes forced to join together because of their sponsors Kotetsu Kaburagi and Barnaby Jones Jr. The team of Tiger and Barnaby fight against the villains of the series and try to find the villains responsible for Barnaby’s past. When they are starting to get to know each other, a thief comes and steals the Statue of Justice. It is up to our brave heroes to save the statue and keep the trust between the citizens and the heroes.


This movie is based on the first two episodes of the series for the first half of the movie and the second half is new material about the theft of the Statue of Justice, a symbol of peace for Sternbild City, that Mr. Legend recovered from criminals beforehand. It was okay watching the first part of the movie because even though it was a rehash of the first two episodes there were new scenes, moments and characters changes from before. In the movie Barnaby is more arrogant and rude to the other heroes. This advances him more than in the show because we can clearly see how much more he progresses with with the other heroes. The overall movie was enjoyable, with the new segment being interesting and the old segment being different. It is better than most anime movies that remake a couple of episodes just polished up.

Mr. Legend

Mr. Legend

Behind the Scenes:

The movie was directed by Yonetani Yoshitomo who has directed such other movies as Hoshi no Umi no Amuri and Yuusha-Ou GaoGaiGar. The movie was written by Masafumi Nishida with the Tiger and Bunny series being his anime debut. The movie was licensed by Viz Media and was shown on their streaming service Neon Alley. The opening song is “Earth Driver” by Novels, they also made the second opening song for the series. Here it is to enjoy…



A Brief View of the World:

If you have read my previous review of the series last week the Brief View of the World Section has not changed, if you haven’t then enjoy.

The world of Tiger and Bunny takes place in the city of Sternbild, where 45 years ago people with extraordinary powers started to emerge. The heroes are promoted on television using the show HERO TV. Where the heroes are ranked and gain points based on how many villains they capture or citizens they save. These heroes are sponsored by different companies and work under one of the seven largest corporations in the city.


Sternbild City


This movie is definitely enjoyable, it is a good way to have your friends be introduced to the show if they have not seen it before. You can show them this movie then skip the first two episodes of the series to continue on. It is fun and the same old Tiger and Bunny we knew from the original series.


The movies is rewatchable is it the length of is about an hour and a half and is a good watch if you want to be refreshed on the series.




Code Geass – For a show with an interesting story and characters.


Get Backers – People with extraordinary powers trying to help others.



I do not own any of the above used pictures and/or video they belong to their original creators, Viz Media, Sunrise, Masafumi Nishida.


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  1. I am quite sure you have seen GRArkada on Youtube, but if not I would highly recommend him. Whilst I am not Anime expect (I have yet to watch Champoo, Baccano, Trigun etcetera…) I do enjoy his commentary.

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