SuperHero Month: Wonder Woman (2009)


The Facts are These:

The Amazons were once enslaved by the God of War Ares. With great loss on both sides the Amazons defeated Ares and were about to slay him, when the Gods Zeus and Hera intervened, imprisoning Ares with the Amazons and giving the Amazon’s a sanctuary from the outside world. We later meet Diana, the daughter of Hippolyta, the Queen of the Amazons. When Ares escapes from his prison it is up to Wonder Woman to stop him from bringing another war to mankind.


I wasn’t really looking forward to watching this movie, but I am happy I did. It was fun, it had great dialogue and good animation. Ares was good as a villain, you could see the trouble he could cause through the first part of the movie and when we see him in action towards the end they were not just threats. This movies surprised me where they basically summed up the whole back story of the Amazon’s in the first eight minutes, less than a fourth of the movie. Those eight minutes were entertaining as well, they didn’t rush it and it worked well telling us the villains and the Queen’s motivations for what they are doing. Diana and Steve Trevor had good chemistry and they had some genuine good moments with each other.

Diane and Steve

Diane and Steve

Behind the Scenes:

The film was directed by Lauren Montgomery, who worked on other DC Animated Universe movies as Superman: Doomsday and Justice League: The New Frontier. The movie was produced by Bruce Timm a DC Animation Legend who has worked on many DC Animated shows such as Batman the Animated Series, Justice League, Superman the Animated Series, Batman Beyond and more. During the production of the movie Bruce Timm has stated that they had to edit the fight scenes because the original cut was rated R by the MPAA.

Ares the God of War

Ares the God of War

A Brief View of the World:

In the world of Wonder Woman the Greek Gods exist and play an active role in the world among us. For example Tartaros (The Greek Underworld) is where the dead go in this movie ruled by Hades.The Amazons have their own island created by Zeus and Hera that isolates them from the outside world. Other than that the world is the DC Universe where super criminals and heroes live, though we can only assume because we do not see them in the movie, though we see a glimpse of the villain Cheetah towards the end.


I had a lot of fun with this movie, there were some genuine funny lines in the movie and I was happy to see them. Steve Trevor with the Lasso of Truth and the Invisible plane were funny moments, as well as Artemis had some funny moments as well. Overall it is a good movie and I would recommend the DC Comics fans to watch it.




This movie is an 1:13 minutes long, it is rewatchable if you like Wonder Woman or a good story in general. I would recommend you to rewatch if enjoy Wonder Woman, if not you may not want to.


7/10 – It’s good.


Batman the Animated Series – For a classic DC animated series.


Justice League – For another Bruce Timm work that include Wonder Woman.



I do not own any of the above used pictures and/or video they belong to their original creators, DC Comics, Bruce Timm and Laurne Montogomery.


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