Tiger and Bunny: The Rising: Bunny and… Golden Ryan


The Facts are These:

This movie takes place after the events of the Tiger and Bunny Series with Kotetsu and Barnaby training the Second leaguers, though Kotetsu is doing this unsuccessfully. When a series of attacks against the Sternbird City resembling the events of the cities past. It is up to the heroes to fight against these attacks or the city will be destroyed.


Tiger and Bunny: The Rising looked amazing it had great visuals and was a great time overall. All the characters remain the same with the addition of the new hero Golden Ryan and a very deep look into Fire Emblem’s past, which I will talk about more in the Enjoyment Section. I watched this movie in theatres after winning some tickets to the showing of it. It was fun to see it in Theatres with all the REAL GIANT OTAKUS. I like my anime, I like it enough to blog about my likes and dislikes of a show; but Jesus Christ these men walked around handing out cans of Pepsi Next and when the movie started and Blue Rose’s logo was changed to Pepsi the outrage I heard next to me was priceless.

Behind the Scenes:

Tiger and Bunny: The Rising is a continuation of the show Tiger and Bunny an original work by Studio Sunrise. Two of Studio Sunrises previous works include Cowboy Bebop and Code Geass. The movie was written by Masafumi Nishida with Tiger and Bunny being his Original Creation. The movie is licensed by Viz media in North America and Anime Limited in the UK. This is the trailer for the movie…



A Brief View of the World:

The setting is in Sternbird City, which looks similar to New York City. In this world there are people who people who possess superpowers. These powers are referred to as NEXT. When a NEXT has their power activated they commonly emit a blue aura and their eyes turn bright blue as well. though this can change depending on the user.


I really enjoyed this movie it added to the original series without taking anything away. Learning about the difficulties Fire Emblem faced as a child from his identity crisis was nice, it developed him and he became an easier character to watch. With Rock Bison trying to attract more attention since he is bottom in ratings after Kotetsu becomes a second leaguer. The movie adds and is all a fan of the series could ask for.



This movie is definitely rewatchable it is action packed with great characters and overall a fun time with friends.


8/10 – It was Great





Zetman – A hero story showing two kinds of people trying to be heroes.




I do not own any of the above used pictures and/or video they belong to their original creators, Sunrise Studio and Viz.


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