SuperHero Month: Superman Red Son


The Facts are These:

What if Superman landed in Soviet Russia as a child during Stalin’s Regime? That is what the plot of the story, what changes about the world, how people’s lives, personalities and futures change.


Elseworld’s Superman Red Son is an interesting comic. Seeing Superman as a communist and seeing him change to a man only focusing on what he believes to be the way to save mankind. Changing everyone’s ideals to communist ideals through hope and fear. It is interesting to see how this changes the story because we see the villains like Doomsday, Parasite, Metallo and heroes like Batman and Hal Jordan “The Green Lantern.” It feels like these figures are destined to appear on earth, the villains are destined because of Superman’s presence, but the heroes seem to just be meant to be there. To see how Superman’s ideals change to maintain the perfect world and how Luther changes from a competent husband to the Luther we know and love. The ending is what really throws me for a loop, I don’t know what to make out of it, but it is interesting to think about.


Behind the Scenes:

The comics was written by Mark Miller best known for his other work Kick Ass which has garnered sequel series and two Hollywood movies. The story was apart of the Elseworld print where existing heroes are placed in situation where they could never be in. Henry Cavil has stated during an interviews that Superman: Red Son was one of the four Superman comics that he drew inspiration from for his portrayal of Superman in Man of Steel… WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT! I mean seriously, you pick Communist Dictator Superman as part of your inspiration for regular Superman. It doesn’t make sense, he is not the same person, the two Supermen have had completely different lives and are not the same person. They may have similar sense of justice in the beginning, but this Superman isn’t the same person.

A Brief View of the World:

The world of Superman: Red Son has changed because of Superman’s presence in Soviet Russia. With Russia winning the Cold War and becoming the world superpower with the only two countries standing against them at one point being the United States and Chile. With a later count in the comic showing that the world consisted of over 6 billion communist and with very few people complaining about the way Superman is running the world.



This comic is very amusing, if you know about Superman and his mythos as well as the mythos of the DC universe then it is interesting to see the changes that take place because the rocket was off by a couple of hours. It is a good read to experience a different side to Superman.


It is definitely rereadable with approximately 150 pages of content you can breeze through it in under an hour. It is interesting if you just want to read an interesting story.




The Maxx – For an interesting take on the hero concept and how other people may see them.


Invincible – For a Superman style story with a twist.



I do not own any of the above used pictures and/or video they belong to their original creators, Mark Miller, DC Comics.


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