Anime North and JCCC Halloween Festival!!


So I have been planning on writing this since I went, but I have been pretty busy with assignments and midterms and this is going to continue. So because I don’t have the time to watch Legend of Korra Season 4, I can’t write and episode by episode recap. If I get some time I will continue, but for now it is on hiatus. With that being said let me talk about the festival.

This was my first time going to the festival, I have been going to Anime North coming onto my fifth year. My friends and I have been planning to go to this festival since we first went to Anime North. However, because of other plans and just life I have never went until now and it was DISAPPOINTING! God I was not expecting it to be the size and greatness of Anime North, but I was expecting some fun. There was some average DJ’s and the Sales Floor was not to my taste.

The DJ's

The DJ’s

I am a collector of movies and anime, whenever I go to Anime North I spend a lot on them, because I can usually find some uncommon things for a decent price. There was only one guy selling movies and he had like ten movies and then around a hundred video games. He was charging full retail price on everything. He had a pretty beat up (And by beat up I mean PRETTY FUCKING BEAT UP! Tape on it and everything) copy of Love Hina for sale. I asked him how much because if it was a good deal I would buy it. He told me it was $80, I stared back at him pulled out my phone, searched RightStuf. RightStuf sell the same Boxset for $20 and their retail price is $50, I looked at him and walked away. My friend later tried to negotiate on a scarf and he wouldn’t even go down $2.

The Really Expensive Box Set

The Really Expensive Box Set

Though I didn’t buy any movies or series, I did buy some collectibles. Every time I go to Anime North or the only anime shop in Toronto Animextreme I always see glass Dragon Balls. They are usually priced around $35 – $50, I ain’t paying that for glass balls. I went to a booth and she was selling them, I negotiated her down to $20 and she was pissed. She wouldn’t give me a bag, anyway after that I picked up some board games and was going to head out until that lady at the counter told me I was the only one who entered the raffle… looks at phone… 3 hours till draw… looks at prizes… two weekend passes to Anime North as Top Prize… Guys were staying till the draw ends.

The Negotiated Dragon Balls... Shenron would be proud.

The Negotiated Dragon Balls… Shenron would be proud.

After wasting time playing board games and video games provided by festival and bothering the poor woman closing up the Subway, IT WAS TIME! and I didn’t win, but my friend won second prize (A Robotech Warhammer style game prototype starter kit), and two plushies and my other friend won a set of Kinnikuman (Ultimate Muscle) figures and gave them to me because he didn’t know or care about the show. Overall I had fun with my friends, though I wouldn’t go again. I am a nerd I love anime, but these guys were crazy. There was one guy doing the running man in a red sweater starring deeply into the corner and a group of people violently drop kicking a balloon in a game of catch. There was not enough to keep me entertained for more than an hour, unlike Anime North where you have something to do at any time. I get what I pay for it was $10 for admission and $8 for an Anime North member or JCCC member. Needless to say I wouldn’t go again, but give it a try it may just not be for me.

They're pretty detailed.

They’re pretty detailed.

Have a Dandy Day…


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