Board Fight!: King of Tokyo


The King of Tokyo is an interesting game. I bought it on a whim because I got it for $15 dollars off, so me and my friends played it for Game Night and we played it for 5 hours straight. I would play as Meka Dragon, and my friends would pay as Cyber Bunny and The Kraken.

The object of the game is to gain 20 victory points or kill the other players. The majority of the time you win by killing the other players and when you do win by victory points the game suddenly ends. This systems makes it interesting because you always have to pay attention to the other player’s score cards.

Meet the Original Monsters!

Meet the Original Monsters!

The game comes with 6 special dice. The have a 1,2,3, a heart, Lightening bolt and a claw on either side of the die. The numbers on the die are for victory points. If you role three of one number you gain that many victory points and for each additional same number you gain an additional victory point. The heart is to heal, you gain one health back for heart you rolled, however you cannot heal while in Tokyo. The lightening bolt is energy, for every lightening bolt you gain one energy. You can spend that energy to buy cards that are permanent or temporary power ups for to gains health or victory points. The claw is damage, for each claw you deal 1 damage. While in Tokyo you deal damage to everyone outside of Tokyo, while outside of Tokyo you can only deal damage to the person in Tokyo.

Just Some Cards

Just Some Cards

The cards that are used in the game has affects on what happens to your characters or others. The cards can be defined as Keep or Discard, a keep card you stays with you and can use the effect as long as you have it. A discard card is used once and has an immediate effect. You buy these cards with energy and they range in value. Some cards can change your character or you play the game. The card Extra Head gives you an additional dice to roll during your turn. The card Spiked Tail allows you to deal an additional damage each turn. You try and get cards that hep with your play style my friend would always get cards that lower the energy cost of items and gain additional energy for each energy you earn, He would buy up all the good card leaving the shit. Another part of the card system you can use is spend 2 energy to wipe the board, discarding the cards on the board and drawing three new cards.


Here are the dice.

Overall this game is fun and enjoyable, we played for hours and didn’t get tired. The game is addictive and you don’t want to stop. I would recommend this game. There is also two other expansion packs for the game and a sequel game coming out soon King of New York. Maybe in the future I will talk about how the expansion pack and collections packs effect the game.


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