50 Follower Special: A Silent Voice

I know I just said that I wasn’t going to make an extra post till I got my laptop back, but I am making an exception because there are two reasons. 1). I am extremely thankful to the 50 people who decided to sit down and read my thoughts on random things that come to my mind, 2). A manga that I recently found has just ended today and I decided that it fit really well with this moment in time. So with out further ado enjoy my review on A Silent Voice and Thank You Again, also have a Dandy Day.


The Facts are These:

Ishida Shouya bullies a deaf girl named Nishimiya Shouko, to the point where she leaves the school. Afterwards Ishida is ostracized by the rest of the school. This is a story of Ishida’s redemption and his future.


This manga is a different piece of work than what I mostly read. I do read romance and a wide variety of manga, but this is different. If I could call this manga by one word it would be Art. I don’t lay that world out at all, but it fits when describing this manga. It is not that the art itself is anything exceptional, though it is great, the story is what blows me away. The story of redemption and how they treat the topic of deafness is handled with respect and the story has layers and emotions that is more than the excitement you feel when you read something like One Piece. It makes you feel sadness, happiness and pain, it is a manga that lets you discover your emotions.

Ishida Shouya

Ishida Shouya

Behind the Scenes:

This manga was written and drawn by Yoshitoki Ooima, who has worked on the manga adaptation of Mardock Scramble. The One-Shot of the manga won the award for Best Rookie Manga in 2008. However, because of the subject matter of the manga it was not published, until after legal disputes with Bessatsu Shounen Magazine. The manga was reviewed and supported by the Japanese Federation of the Deaf. You can read the manga on Crunchyroll and it is published in North America by Kodansha Comics USA.

Nishimiya Shouko

Nishimiya Shouko

A Brief View of the World:

The world of A Silent Voice takes place in modern day Japan. It is a wonderful and quaint world, though it is realistic. The emotions and feelings the scenes show work well with the overall story.


This manga is amazing, it is easily in my top 5 favourite manga. It is a story of redemption and emotions that I could not describe lightly, I can just heavily suggest to read this manga, definitely read this manga.


Of course this manga is rereadable, after I finished the final chapter I reread it immediately and it is still as strong.


10/10 – Masterpiece


Koukou no Hito – For an interesting look in a lone man who finds his goal.


Real – Another great and emotional manga that follows another disability.



I do not own any of the above used pictures and/or video they belong to their original creators.


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10 Responses to 50 Follower Special: A Silent Voice

  1. mochirochi says:

    I concur, this is an amazing piece of work! I’m so happy that it’s getting an anime adaptation.

  2. miharusshi says:

    Great review! I agree that this manga is ART itself. 😀 Props to Ooima for the excellent writing, wonderful art and exceptional layouting, and the realistic take on the characters and their development through the story. :3

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