Kemono no Soja: Hold Your Tears


The Facts are These:

In the Tai-Kou region there is the village of Ake, where their main job is the raising of Touda (Large dragon-like creatures) for the duke’s army. The story follows the 10-year old girl Erin and her mother Soyon, who are People of the Mist, an ancient clan with green hair and eyes who are said to have mystic powers. We follow Erin through her life and the role she will play in the future war.


Many people tell me that if you do not cry during Clannad that you are a heartless bastard, and I have to add this show to the list as well. I’m not sating that I was crying like there was no tomorrow, but I teared up and felt genuinely upset over the events. I was more emotionally attached to these characters than I had been in other anime, people cry in Clannad because you feel bad and are upset about the events that fell upon these characters. Where in Kemono no Soja you feel bad for what has happened to them, but more so than in Clannad because of the time we spent with the characters. The cast of characters are great especially Erin, she is filled with optimism and the strength to move forward even with the tragedies that befall her. She is an extremely focused and likeable character.

Erin, Soyon vs. the Touda

Erin, Soyon vs. the Touda

Behind the Scenes:

The series is based on the novel series of the same name by author Nahoko Uehashi, who has written the Guardian series which was adapted into the anime Moribito. The series Takayuki Hamana, who has directed such series as The Prince of Tennis, and The Sisters of Wellber. The series was produced by Production I.G. who has made such series as Medabots and Eyeshield 21. The opening songs were great, they matched the theme and were relaxing. The first opening song was “Shizuka” by Sukima Switch and the second opening song was “Shizuka” by Hajime Chitose. Here they are for you to enjoy…



A Brief View of the World:

The world of Kemono no Soja is divided in two regions, the Tai-Kou region and the Shin-Ou region. The Tai-Kou region focuses of the breeding of Touda and the Shin-Ou region focuses on the breeding of Ouju (Meaning King of the Beasts). The mist people are a clan of information and item brokers that exist with the sole purpose of protecting the secrets from the previous war.

Erin with the Ouju Lilan

Erin with the Ouju Lilan


This series is extremely enjoyable, the animation may look a bit childish, though overall it is a deep and should not be skipped under the pretence of it being a children’s show.


The series is not too rewatchable, it is long in length with 50 episodes, but if you like the it is a great rewatch and a series overall. I could only recommend a rewatch if you enjoyed the series like I did because of the length.


9/10 – It is amazing


Clannad – For a good cry.


Moribito – From the creator of Kemono no Soja



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2 Responses to Kemono no Soja: Hold Your Tears

  1. curiousstars says:

    Kemono no Erin is definitely an anime which more people should know about! I’m glad I watched it!

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