Doctor Who (2005): Series 1 Review


I am going back to Doctor Who Modern for a review because I feel like some Sci-Fi. I will get back to Old Who I promised just wanted to give this a second chance first.

This is the season with the introduction of Christopher Eccelston for his one and only season as the Doctor and he is pretty good. Christopher Eccelston is different from the other Doctor’s as a man who is recovering from a war. He is tough and angry, though he is still joyful and understanding. Rose is a tough rascal from Britain, and such a scamp… I don’t like her. Sure she plays a major role in future seasons as well, it is just she is bland and that anyone could put themselves in her shoes. Captain Jack Harkness on the other hand is awesome, he is suave and is like the doctor, but a con man. He is fun and he is a great companion.


My favourite episode of this season is Dalek. Where we see the Dalek’s for the first time in the new series. The way they portray the Dalek is that it is a horrendous killing machine that it is tough to fight one lone Dalek even with a group of soldiers. That gives us the thought of what if we saw an army of them how could we even handle them. Later in the season finale they do fight an army, but they are only able to defeat them using the Time Vortex’s energy to erase them. That even adds to their terror that only the whole of time can defeat them. My least favourite episode was The Long Game. I didn’t find it to interesting and I was hoping more and it did not attract me much. I would skip it during a marathon because it did not have anything to add to the rest of the season. The only interesting part of the episode was really seeing Simon Pegg in Doctor Who, that was awesome, he was great, but overall it wasn’t as interesting as I has hoped.



It is not my favourite season or my favourite Doctor I will get back to that in the future. I used to not like him because in my mind no one could beat my favourite Doctor. Though after watching Peter Capaldi’s take on the Doctor I decided to give Christopher Eccelston a second chance and I was not wrong. He was a great Doctor and it is disappointing that he did not have any other season. He chose not to continue because he did not want to be type casted into a similar role. He was a good Doctor and it was a better season than I thought. I recommend you watch it and have fun with it.

Captain Jack Harlness - The Man

Captain Jack Harlness – The Man


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