The Manga Shelf: Alive – The Final Evolution


The Facts are These:

One day hundreds of people from across the world committed suicide. This caused panic around the world, however before those people committed suicide several people obtained an extraordinary power. This is where we meet Taisuke, Hirose, and Megumi. Three friends that have known each other since elementary school. When Hirose obtains these powers he goes and kills several people, taking Megumi away with him. With Taisuke alone with a new gift, how far will he go to save his friends before they go to far.


I was surprised about how much I enjoyed this series, the action was great and the character interactions was amazing. The author of this series unfortunately passed away and this is an absolute shame because I wanted to read more of his work. The story was fun, and how the obtain the power and the origins of the of these powers make you think about the progress of society. I always enjoy when we learn more about the main character’s power because it makes sense, when someone obtains a power they don’t know what it is or how it works. When they begin to use to power more and more we can see that it makes sense because by using it more and more they begin to understand how it works.

A piece of the heart, a main source of the powers.

A piece of the heart, a main source of the powers.

Behind the Scenes:

The series was written by Kawashiro Tadashi with his previous work being Daughter Maker, he completed the manga on his death bed, while dying of liver cancer. The manga was drawn by Adachi Toka with her most popular series being her present series Noragami, that was made into an anime by studio Bones. The series was going to be made into an anime by Gonzo, but this did not come through to fruition because Gonzo was delisted from the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

Kawashiro Tadashi - I wish I could've read more of his work.

Kawashiro Tadashi (RIP) – I wish I could’ve read more of his work.

A Brief View of the World:

The world of Alive is the same as our own world, taking place mostly is modern day Japan, but the origins of these powers come from a distant race from across the universe that had progressed to live forever, but they found it to be a worst punishment than death. When they come to earth they take host of a body and commit suicide to release themselves from their self imposed hell. Some people who were possessed were able to maintain control and because of this gained a power from the entity inside them.

I Really Enjoy This Manga

I Really Enjoy This Manga


Overall this series is awesome and I would recommend that fans of sci-fi and supernatural manga read and and enjoy. It has great characters and a great concept.


The series is somewhat rereadable, it has 83 chapters and could take some time, but in my opinion the story is awesome enough to deserve a reread.




Lucifer & The Biscuit Hammer – For an interesting read.

Bloody Monday -For a manga that makes you think.



I do not own any of the above used pictures and/or video they belong to their original creators, Del Ray, Kawashiro Tadashi, and Adachi Toka.


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