Board Fight!: Love Letters


This may sound like a girly game, but it’s also a game for manly Beefcakes of men. The game is a strategy card game where you have to fight against the other players and deliver your Letter of Love to the princess.

In the game you have 16 cards that each have their own effect. The Guard allows you to guess the card in your opponent’s hand and if your are correct they are out for that round (Though you can’t guess Guard). The Priest allows you to look at an opponent’s hand. The Baron allows you to compare hands and the person with the highest card wins, and the other person is out for the round. The Handmaid protects you from card effects for a turn. The Prince allows you to pick another player, they discard their card and draw another. The King allows you to switch hands with another players. The Countess’ ability is that it must be discarded if you have a King or Prince in your hand. The Princess’ ability is that you lose the round if you discard it, though if you have this card in the end you will win.


The Cards

There are many strategies to win the game, you can win by eliminating the other players through card effects or you can win if you have the highest number card if there are no more cards to draw. Each person has one card in their hand and draw one card per turn. You must play a card each turn, so you can only have one card in your hand. Depending on the number of players the number of rounds you need to win changes. You can play with 2-4 people and I usually play with 4 people and you need four wins to win.

Some of the worst hands to get double Barons. The baron makes you compare hands and you lose if you have a lower card, which can be great if you have a high number card for the other card. However, if you have two barons the only cards that you can beat are priest and guard, so basically you are usually FUCKED if you draw them.

The Contents of the Game

The Contents of the Game

The game comes with sixteen cards, four card list cards, a bag of red cubes to keep track of the score, a rule book with the backstory for the game. The game can come in either a red velvet bag or in a particle board box. Overall this is a fun game, with a group of friends. the strategy and the competitive nature with my friends makes this a game of victory and conquer. WHERE THE MANLIEST BEEFCAKE CAN PLAY!!!!!


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