The Hobbit – The Battle of the Five Armies: IN HYPER FAST FRAME RATE!


Well, you take the good, you take the bad, you put them together and what you have is the facts of life – The Hobbit… Sorry that’s Scrubs, actually sorry that’s The Facts of Life. Confused? Good, we are on the same page, now onto the review!

Also possible SPOILERS… You have been Warned!

Let me start off this review saying I have not read the books by J.R.R. Tolkein, nor have I watched the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, though I own both of them and should actually get on that. That being said I enjoyed the movie, though there are some problems. When I saw the previous movies, I did not see them in High Frame Rate 3D, so this was my first experience with it. I have to say it is both good and bad. When you see real people interacting on the screen it looks as if they are just behind a window. It was amazing how fluid and life like the 60 fps made the movie. That is also the problem with the High Frame Rate, it brings down the CG. When watching the movie I could visibly notice what was real and what was CG. That was disappointing and brought out of some critical moments. That is not to say the CG was bad, the opposite in fact. The CG in this movie was amazing, Smaug looked great and everything else was breathtaking. It is just the High Frame Rate brought down the amazing CG that we have grown to love from this franchise. Now enough of the High Frame Rate, onto the Good, the Bad and The Ugly.

Here is the trailers…


The Good

This movie was brilliantly shot, and what else could you expect from Peter Jackson. The scenery and the designs are amazing, making it feel that this world exist in real life. The character interactions were great, especially between Thorin and Bilbo. With Thorin you can see how the greed (Refered to as Dragon Sickness) is effecting making him loose the character that we have grown to care for. We see him triumph over greed and become the king he was meant to be, and the legend he had become. Bilbo was through and through a trusting friend. He cared about every single merry dwarf. Doing what Thorin believed was wrong in order help him regain himself. As for the other dwarves, most are forgettable and like the last shot we see of the most of them, I couldn’t remember a single name. Thranduil, the elf is also notable, during the movie he is self centred, similar to how Thorin has become, though seeing his people slaughtered he changes. Even saying an emotional line about love to Tauriel, though why there had to be love love subplot in the movies I don’t know. It’s not like in contributed much to the movie at all, it was just there. That being said it is good, but now we are onto the complaints.

Thorin Oakenshield

Thorin Oakenshield

The Bad

Goddamnit Smaug! Seriously 15 minutes into the movie and he’s killed… you couldn’t have added that into the last movie, it was literally 15 MINUTES! I pulled out my phone to check because I was shocked and was then wondering to myself if the movie was going to be okay. Some of the actions scenes were pretty mediocre with the High Frame Rate. At some points you could see the swords not even hit the enemies. As the High Frame Rate started to hurt my eyes after a while, they may have just been me though. Some of the fight scenes were confusing, not Michael Bay level, but confusing. When Legolas is fighting… Evil Orc #5 or something, he is not down the floor below and covered it rubble. Then the next I see Legolas he is still fighting him. I turned to my friends and asked what I missed and they weren’t sure what happened either.

Some of the forgettable ones

Some of the forgettable ones

The Ugly

My final verdict is that the movie is worth seeing if you have enjoyed the movie thus far, it ends the trilogy on a high note. The movie falls into the Dark Knight Trilogy Syndrome. Being the first movie is okay, the second is fantastic and the third is better then the first movie, but not as good as the second movie.

The movie gets a 7/10, have a great night everybody.


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