Opus a Wish for Wings that Work: YOU ARE A PENGUIN, DEAL WITH IT!


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What I’m trying to say is Merry Christmas, or Happy Holidays, Whatever you Prefer. And now onto the review…

Opus and Bill A Wish for Wings that Work is a 1991 animated Christmas special based on the book of the same name, based on the comic strip series Outland. The movie was an interesting, but I probably wouldn’t watch it again. I have never read the comic strips, but I am aware that they have this self aware political sense of humour that is clearly translated into this movie. The main plot of the special is that Opus, a penguin, is writing to Santa to ask him for, well, wings that work. It follows him and his friend Bill, a cat he rescued. The movie is pretty bland, though it has an interesting premise.

Opus (The Penguin) and Bill (The Cat)

Opus (The Penguin) and Bill (The Cat)

I enjoyed the the character designs, though I did notice that the animators were using tricks with the characters so they wouldn’t have to animate the mouths movie. The political commentary, or better called references, were okay and added to the character Opus’ personality, but other than that didn’t make too much sense. I didn’t believe the world in which this movie took place would be similar enough to our world that he could make Conservative jokes.

Did he get his wish? Tune in next on Dragon Ball Z... I mean Opus and Bill

Did he get his wish? Tune in next on Dragon Ball Z… I mean Opus and Bill!

I like watching old cartoons and that made this movie enjoyable for me. It wasn’t great, and I wouldn’t want to watch it again, but it is different than other holiday specials. Also there was the surprise Robin Williams voice cameo that took be by surprise. Needless you wouldn’t be missing anything from watching this special, nor would you gain anything. It is just something different to watch around Christmas time.

And with that said Have a Dandy Holiday.


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8 Responses to Opus a Wish for Wings that Work: YOU ARE A PENGUIN, DEAL WITH IT!

  1. Greetings,

    Are you considering writing anything for the finale of Korra, any thoughts? I need Legend of Korra discussion like a drug addict needs cocaine.

    • dandylion13 says:

      Yeah it should be coming up soon just Christmas has been really busy for me.

      • Really quickly, what were your thoughts on the ending? In 25 words or less, did you enjoy? I don’t want huge spoilers because I want to read it from your blog later on.

        Also since you’re into animation, may I recommend Summer Wars and The Girl Who Leapt Through Time (not as good as Summer Wars but still entertaining).

      • dandylion13 says:

        I thought it was a fitting end to the series, it rounded off Korra’s character arc well and was entertaining overall.

        I have both of those movies on my shelf in front of me. I enjoy both of them. Have you seen Wolf Children, made by the same director Mamoru Hosoda.

        P.S. I moved the post up to tomorrow for you. Enjoy, Happy Holidays.

      • I have not yet watched Wolf Children I heard that it is even better than Summer Wars. I am by no stretch of the imagination an expert on Japanese animation, I have dabbled slightly, but Summer Wars is one of my favourite animated movies. For me, it sits up there with Princess Mononoke and depending on how I feel Summer Wars is either my favourite or second favourite animated film.

      • dandylion13 says:

        I enjoyed Summer Wars more, but Wolf Children is still great. Though I can say I enjoyed Mamoru Hosoda’s works more than Studio Ghibli.

      • “Though I can say I enjoyed Mamoru Hosoda’s works more than Studio Ghibli.”

        Run, run far far away where the internet can not find you. I watched Grave of the Fireflies recently after putting it off for many months. Whilst it was very, very, very sad and depressing I was slightly disappointed. After watching another review, I think the main issue with it was that the main characters were more ‘constructs’ than real people.

        I wasn’t sad that the the young girl and boy suffered and died. I was sad that children died period. They never grew beyond their brother and sister characteristics.

        Though I don’t think I can watch it again, too many emotions, too many feels. It’s like Awakening (1990) where there are too many emotions stored up.

      • dandylion13 says:

        Studio Ghibli makes great anime don’t get me wrong make amazing movies that are great for all ages. I just find Mamoru Hosoda’s movies to be more enjoyable and relatable.
        Studio Ghibli movies are fantastical, placing a larger emphasis on nature and human’s interaction with it and Mamoru Hosoda’s movies place a LARGE influence on families and the importance of it, while adding a fantastical element to it. I find his work to be more relatable than Studio Ghibli’s works.
        The movies from both arthouses are fun and enjoyable. Deserving of the attention they receive, this is just a personal preference.
        Also I have my bunker prepared and ready for ages.

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