The Legend of Korra Finale and Final Thoughts: GIVE ME MORE!

Special Shout Out to Stanley Ching ( the request, I brought this out early just for you. Check out his blog if you haven’t seen it yet, it’s awesome.

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Well this is a bit weird, I talked about the first two episodes and then a series of unfortunate events happened and here I am skipping to the two-part finale. So grab onto your tissues because it is going to be a tearful drive. Also the website I use to download the videos so I can crop high quality images is down, so the images are not a good as they normally were.

Season Thoughts:

This season rounded up everything that has happened throughout the series and it gave us what we wanted. Though first I am going to talk about what every fan is talking about “Are Korra and Asami in a relationship?” I think that it was left like that for the fans to interpret what they are to each however they wanted. Personally I think they are in a relationship and that is as far as Nickelodeons would allow them to go. It doesn’t change the fact that both of these characters are strong people and are not to be judged on the fact that they are woman.

(This Just In – Found Michael DiMartino’s blog and he confirms that they are together. Score one for myself, I was right!)

They are looking intimately into each other's eyes

They are looking intimately into each other’s eyes

Most of the characters became more than what they were before. Asami accepted her father back after what he had done back in season 1. Bolin matured in his beliefs and in his relationship with Opal. Mako… I don’t really remember he had developed at during the season, he was just there. That is a waste they had the material and made it work with Bolin, but they just didn’t let him evolve. Korra changed the most from the whole series, in the beginning she was an arrogant, shoot first ask questions later Avatar. This is understandable because since she was a child she has known she was the Avatar, and everyone knows the Avatar is all powerful and can do anything. Who wouldn’t be corrupted a bit in what they believe with all that power. Though throughout the series she is beaten time after time, by people that may not be as powerful as her (Excluding Vaatu, the dark avatar) but sure in what they believed and while she questioned what she was supposed to be doing. Though as we reach this season, she is at her lowest point, unsure if the world needs the Avatar or her. With the help of Toph she regains some of her confidence, though that is not enough. With the help Zaheer (Someone who in the first season, would have died before asking for help from) she finds what she missing and moves on. In her final fight Kuvira she tells her that she needed these trials and pain so that she could care for others, by empathising with their pain. She had more development then Aang, where Aang knew and understood his role in life. He already cared for others, though we didn’t see this development because when we left Aang he was still a child. We followed Korra through her teenage angst, to her maturing into an adult.

The music in this scene was excellent!

The music in this scene was excellent!

The season itself was home to mostly character development and cooled down on the action. Though when there was action it was great. One of my favourite fight scene was when they were trying to take down The Colossus. The music was wonderful on the epic scale the fight was on. Though Korra and Kuvira’s fight was memorable as well, where they mid-air bend at each other that was awesome. Though the most captivating scene was where they talk to each in the new spirit portal. Where Kuvira discusses how she was orphaned, cast aside, saying that she couldn’t watch her nation experience what she had experienced. Her intentions were good and just in the beginning, though they were corrupted over time. She was doing what she could to help her nation and just lost her way, like Korra. In the episode Korra mentions how they are alike and it is true. Both of them are trying to help everybody, Kuvira with the earth nation and Korra with the world. While Kuvira lost her way and became a dictator, Korra lost herself and fell into depression. This season has more character development than any other season and it ended the series on a high note.

Both great female characters

Both great female characters

Final Thoughts:

This is hard to watch, after watching the episode I looked up to my shelf to see all of The Last Airbender and season 1&2 of The Legend of Korra. In the beginning I was indifferent saying that The Legend of Korra is great, but it nowhere near The Last Airbender. As I watched the final episode I realized that it had become on par with The Last Airbender by the end. It is unfair to judge a series as a whole before it is over and that is what happened when I watched The Legend of Korra the first time around. It is sad that this is the end of a great franchise and I am happy that it ended on such a high note. That being said, of course I want more. The Avatar series is great and could continue on for a very long time similar to Doctor Who. It is shame we will not see Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko continue the great legacy of series that they have created. It is also unlikely for Nickelodeon to want to continue the show after cutting the budget for the show and making it online release only. I would love to have more, but I am extremely happy with what I have got.


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14 Responses to The Legend of Korra Finale and Final Thoughts: GIVE ME MORE!

  1. Great post, thanks for the shout out and more importantly feeding me articles on Korra, I need Avatar discussion more than a drug addict needs cigarettes and alcohol.

    1. I agree, I don’t think Mako developed during the season, he protected Prince Wu, but that’s honestly something he could of done in the first season. If anything it seems his physical bending skills have decreased since season 1 and 2. Though I think the scene where everyone (come on you know you did) thought he was going to die really did shake my perspective on him. In that one instant, I felt he had changed but it seemed like too little, too late.

    2. “She had more development then Aang, where Aang knew and understood his role in life.” I tend to agree, I actually like Korra as a character more than Aang, part of it might be age because I’m a lot closer to Korra’s age and thus relate to her more. But I really admire her passion and her ability to take charge and I’ll accept her flaws that come along with it. I just think ultimately she is more polarising than Aang, she’s more ‘defined’ character, with stronger traits and stronger flaws. Plus I think Korra in book 4 had developed more than Aang in book three.

    3. “Asami accepted her father back after what he had done back in season 1” did anyone else expect Asami’s father to die, I was willing to bet my house on it straight after Lin said “we can throw him in jail after we are done.”

    4. “Her intentions were good and just in the beginning, though they were corrupted over time. She was doing what she could to help her nation and just lost her way, like Korra.” this was the one issue I had of the finale. They had built up Kuriva to be a total dictator, complete unforgivable and unredeemable and then Korra was able to talk her out of her plan. I mean she was even willing to kill her lover to succeed! I wish episode 8 (clip art episode) had been dedicated to exploring her goals and situations before the finale, so that we as an audience could of understood her intentions and thus her eventual change would of seemed more natural or ‘acceptable’. Hopefully that makes sense…

    5. “The music was wonderful” Nickelodeon really needs to stop being a pest and allow Jeremy Zuckerman to release his music. They are spectacular.

    6. Remember how the gasp that Kuriva made when she found herself in Korra’s arms? I think that sums up her character completely, needs to be in control and very authoritative. Great piece of voice acting as well.

    • dandylion13 says:

      1. I thought it was a gripping scene when Mako was (SPOILERS) was amazing. It was gripping and I did not doubt that the creators could and would do it. I agree that his character development, was basically only this scene this season which sucked. Also it seems that he can only use his lightning bending during the finales.

      2. Korra had stronger traits and flaws, is definitely true. She matured more and fought more equally troubling foes, while Aangs main focus was one. Though Aang will always be my favourite, because he was the first and without him there would be no Korra.

      3. Oh yeah, he was emotion fodder for the plot. So they could all get together and fight harder.

      4. I thought it was okay when Kuvira explained why she was doing it. It humanized her and solidified that she was not pure evil, like in season 3 (Tough she was barely memorable there). Also the reason they did a clip show episode was because Nickelodeons cut their budget. So it was either a clip show episode or firing some of the staff, which they chose the noble option.

      5. “The Music was Wonderful” Hell Yeah

      6. Yeah Zelda Williams did a great job as Kuvira and the character herself was interesting as well.

  2. “Also it seems that he can only use his lightning bending during the finales.”
    This deserves to be framed somewhere.

    What are your favourite characters in the Avatar universe? Is Aang your favourite of ALL time?

    “Also the reason they did a clip show episode was because Nickelodeons cut their budget. So it was either a clip show episode or firing some of the staff, which they chose the noble option.” which is why I don’t think Di Martino and Konietzko will return to this universe ever or at the very least a very very very long time.

    Merry Christmas and happy holidays my friend, good luck to a new year of writing.

    PS: I agree with your comments, Ghibli is mainly focused on nature whilst the director of Summer Wars/Leapt Through Time (forgot his name) is more focused on relationships and family bonds. Any other animated films you would recommend? (I will DEFINITELY be watching Wolf Children and maybe Perfect Blue, I haven’t even watched Akira, GASP!)

    • dandylion13 says:

      Happy Holidays Stanley!

      My favourite character of all time is the Great Iroh from The Last Airbender. He is such a zen man, though has experienced the troubles the world has brought people first hand. He has given pain through attacking Ba Sing Se and lost his son in the process, making Zuko a son in Iroh’s eyes. Iroh is one of the most interesting, funny and exciting characters to watch.

      An animated movie to recommend would be the Christmas day review (SECRET TILL TOMORROW) and Ghost in the Shell. I met the director for Ghost in the Shell and he was a cool and interesting man. I did a review of the movie that holds a recording of the introduction he gave at the theatre on my blog.

      I haven’t seen Perfect Blue, but I am trying to watch the works of Satoshi Kon, the director of it. So I will eventually get to it.

      • Iroh is a fantastic character, the old wise sage character has been around for a long long time, but Iroh may of ‘perfected it’ along with Gandalf. Wise, powerful, empathetic and tender.

        I have yet to watch Ghost in the Shell, I know it’s one of the greats of Japanese animation, up there with Evangelion, but I have heard mixed reviews about Evangelion. In your review of Ghost in the Shell, does it have heaps of spoilers?

        Dam, you’re releasing articles like crazy my friend. WordPress is a hard game to play, takes forever to get noticed aye? How have your views/reads/visitor statistics been this year?

      • dandylion13 says:

        The Ghost in the Shell review has mild theme spoilers, but I don’t believe it has plot spoilers. Though watch the movie first then read the review to be safe. I dropped the original Evangelion series, but am going to do a review about it in the future, so I have to watch it. Though I do enjoy the remix movie that have been coming out.

        I didn’t mean to release articles crazy this week. Originally it was only going to be Opus and Tokyo Godfathers. Then I saw The Hobbit and did a review while it was fresh in my head. I pulled the Korra review out of the schedule and posted it yesterday for you and tomorrow I post my December pickups.

        I usually write my post ahead of time and schedule them for the days they are usually up. This helps me when I get into those writing grooves and push out four or five reviews.

        It is a hard game to play I started this blog and January last year and burned out by the end of January. I resumed in July and now have around 12 views a day. I hope to get more in the future, though your continuing comments help my comment stat go up.

        Man, I hope you have a great Christmas and I am of to my Grandmothers!

  3. Tyler McPherson says:

    I agree about Mako he just seemed to me to feel left out this season. The focus seemed to be placed on Bolin’s character development, instead of both characters. At least it did emd on a high note, I hope the creators continue to make strong shows in the future.

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