New Year’s Eve: It’s Shit


For this review I don’t feel like putting it in the format I usually do because this movie doesn’t deserve it, but what was I really expecting from this movie.

This movie is the dream movie for someone afflicted with ADHD. The movie jumps from plot to plot all centred around New Years and the lives of these famous celebrities. This movie was just made to get people in the seat. Which is fine, but this doesn’t make it a good movie. There are many problems with this movie which is why I don’t think I will do another Romance movie again, unless it’s really interesting.

My Thoughts Exactly

My Thoughts Exactly

Anyway back to the movie it is garbage but I shouldn’t have expected more. You only focus on each character in 20 second bursts, this stops you from building any connection to any character. Especially Russell Peters, why did you waste Russell Peters like that. He is a great comedian and you make him into an annoying flamboyant man. It’s a waste of talent and shows how wasteful this movie is.

I knew from the bottom of my hear that this movie would not live up to my expectations and score below them. I thought that maybe they would do something with the wide array of talented actors and actresses, but they didn’t. They made a movie to get people into the seats and they accomplished it. This movie deserves a watch of you want to know what not to do with a good cast and just want to earn some money.

Here is the trailer…


This movie is utter crap and because of this the Valentine’s Day review of Valentine’s Day will be changed to something else because I am not putting myself through this again. I want to apologize for this review. I picked a movie that I knew would be bad, but it just became a rant on the movie.


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10 Responses to New Year’s Eve: It’s Shit

  1. Yet another lots of celebrities but same story of love/family things, single parenting, homies, some cancer and veterans added to produce some tears. At the end everyone is happy happy joy joy (like Ren & Stimpy)

    Same happens in Feb 14th (Valentine’s Day) e.g. Love Actually etc.

    I want a movie which “has” a story to focus on.

    • dandylion13 says:

      Exactly not thirteen below mediocre movies crammed into one, just give me one good movie.

      • They do this bc the only thing that can sell the crap are the celebrities. 2-3 scenes and they are paid well. So everyone’s happy.

        Except people with taste 🙂

      • dandylion13 says:

        Yeah this movie was a cash grab. They knew people would go and pay to see this movie because (insert celebrity) was in it for 15 miliseconds

      • :)) well that will not even work for ADHD 🙂
        Maybe we should just admit that many people are stupid enough.

        Thank God, there are people like Miyazaki too 🙂

        I recommend Cowboy Bebop Series if you haven’t seen. Not miyazaki but really good. Classic 2D anime which I love with a good story and music by Yoko Kanno.

      • dandylion13 says:

        Miyazaki is a great director as well as Yoko Kano being a great composer. Cowboy Bebop is a great anime and have you seen the movie, I watched it recently and really enjoyed it.

      • I have seen the movie too. Actually I’ve watched Bebop series 4 times 🙂
        Deathnote was another masterpiece either as a story, not as an anime though. Manga version was better bc it goes so slow…

      • dandylion13 says:

        The series is great I own both series on DVD. Cowboy Bebop is great, but whenever I show it to my friends they are to impatient to wait and get to the good parts, like episode 5.

        Death Note is a great series as well, I always jump off at the point when L dies. After that it is not a good. Have you seen the live action movies? I find their ending more enjoyable then the series.

      • No I haven’t. I will look it up 🙂

        My fave is Mushroom Hunting 🙂 in CB
        And the scene with Green Bird song. He fells so good 🙂

      • dandylion13 says:

        Indeed, mushroom hunting is a fun episode.

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