Who’s That Person? It’s… Juggernaut (Marvel)

Trying a new topic, hope you find it interesting.


Today we meet THE JUGGERNAUT!

Creation History:

The Juggernaut was created by comic book writers and artist’s Stan Lee and Jack Kirby under the Marvel Comics label. He was introduced in The X-Men #12 in July 1965. Since his conception he has been on a number of Superhero Teams, such as The All-New Exiles, The Brotherhood of Mutants, Exemplars, New Excalibur, Thunderbolts, The Worthy and The X-Men. The Juggernaut has been made a number of animated appearances in the shows X-Men Animated Series, X-Men Evolution, Wolverine and the X-Men, Black Panther and Ultimate Spider-Man. The character has also made a Motion Picture appearance in X-Men Last Stand, portrayed by Vinnie Jones, in this version though he is portrayed as a mutant.


Vinnie Jones as The Juggernaut

Character Backstory:

The Juggernaut’s real name is Cain Marko and as a young boy his mother died. Afterwards he had to live with his abusive father, Kurt Marko. However, when his father’s colleague passed away his father married the widow Sharon Xavier, gaining a step-brother in Charles Xavier. Kurt Marko, in the eyes of Cain Marko, seemed to have loved Charles more than his real son. This was cemented when a fire happened in his father’s lab, where his father saved Charles before Cain, during this fire their father died of smoke inhalation. The two were soon drafted into the military, where Cain deserted. Trying to convince his brother to return to the military, Charles followed him. The two of them walked into a cave that was actually the lost temple of Cyttorak. In the temple Cain found the Crimson Gem of Cyttorak, which gave transformed him into a human juggernaut. Afterwards the temple collapsed with Charles escaping, believing that his brother died in the cave-in. Where in fact, Cain was able to dig himself out, where with his newfound strength, wants to get revenge on Charles Xavier.



Power/ Abilities:

Originally, the Crimson Gem of Cyttorak made The Juggernaut an unstoppable being. He possesses superhuman strength, durability, and the ability to produce a mystical forcefield. He also has a healing factor, being able to heal from most wounds almost immediately.


While in possession of the Crimson Gem of Cyttorak his only weaknesses were that he was vulnerable to magical forces, mental attacks (Though this is circumvented with the helmet he wears) or sufficient strength. He can survive without food,water, or oxygen, sustaining himself on mystical energies. Though he has recently lost the Gem of Cyttorak, making the limits of his powers and how much he is affected by his already known weaknesses unknown.

Look out for THE JUGGERNAUT!

Look out for THE JUGGERNAUT!

Overall Thoughts:

Overall, my thoughts on the Juggernaut are that of surprise. What I had known of the Juggernaut before writing this article is what I saw from the X-Men movie. I thought he was a mutant and was honestly surprised that he wasn’t and that he was powered by a mystic entity. The Juggernaut is an interesting comic book character and because of what I learnt about him I thought he would be an interesting character to start off this new topic.


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