Favourite Anime of 2014


For the anime I chose I plan to do a review for it in the coming weeks, but here is a sneak preview of the anime I most enjoyed this year. Note this is not a full review just a short blurb on why I enjoyed the series.

Amagi Brilliant Park was a surprise of an anime. I was expecting something along the lines of “We can save the park if we all work together” which I got, but I got more than I was expecting. I got a series with oddball and downright funny humour. This is on of the first anime in a while that has made me laugh and I enjoyed it.


When you watch anime you expect that action and “We gotta go save the princess” feel to it. Which there was in this anime, but it just has such a great sense of humour and fun to it. I enjoyed it, there were fun moments and there were surprising moments as well. Because of that I give this series a solid recommendation.

If you want to see a more in-depth review check on my review on Amagi Brilliant Park when it comes out.


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4 Responses to Favourite Anime of 2014

  1. I hope this helps your list.

    Anime Everyday is a great Youtube channel, updates regularly and whilst I don’t necessary agree with his opinion I am glad he stands by them. I might check out Ping Pong the animation if my eyes don’t dissolve every time I look at them…

    Anyway, time for me to watch 5 Centimetres Per Second or Garden of Words.

    • dandylion13 says:

      For a Top 10 list the reviewer seemed negative towards some of his picks. Though I enjoyed some anime on his list and I hadn’t watch some of them I agree with most of them. I am probably going to watch the ones that I didn’t see that are on his list. Yeah Ping Pong looks terrible, but I have to give it a try as well.

      I have watched 5 Centimetres per Second and I didn’t enjoy it, I found it didn’t really leave me with anything but good animation. I haven’t seen Garden of Words so give that a try and tell me how it goes.

      • Humans are so fickle, diverse and strange. I just finished watching 5 Centimetres Per Second and I really enjoyed it. Not as much as I enjoyed Summer Wars, Princess Mononoke or Samurai Champloo, but still I really enjoyed it, more than I enjoyed Tokyo Godfather actually. The animation obviously was absolutely sublime, I just really enjoyed the realism of this film and maybe because of my values and experiences it speaks to me more.

        Relationships are really the substance and colour to our life, love is the most dangerous game to play but it really is the only game worth playing. Nothing hurts as much as unspoken words or unreturned feelings, and in this film I felt they addressed the issue of long distance relationships, communication and separation is a mature method. The music was also beautiful, with a few piano pieces that I need to download and that one beautiful Japanese song that summarised the main protagonist’s fading relationships at the end of the film.

        I will acknowledge that the characters didn’t really develop beyond their stereotypical card board cut out and I didn’t really feel anything for Akiri at the end, since I haven’t seem her mature or develop. But this film had some real heart felt moments, like Akiri crying when she is reunited with the main protagonist (forgot his name) or when said protagonist looks back and realises that the love of his life is no longer waiting across the train track. With a sad, nostalgic smile he silently says his good bye to his past and tries to move forward thankful for her impact on his life, whilst her entrance and exit in his life was sharp and quick, her impact was long lasting and permanent.

        I’m probably going to write a review on this film, I’ve been looking for something to explore and I think this film is suitable.

        I highly recommend watching this video, though I would recommend you prepare yourself or at the very least grab a few tissues. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tSdELZxEnHY

        I think that’s the theme of the film, relationships are fragile and they must be maintained with communication but they are worth maintaining, they are the only things worth maintaining.

      • dandylion13 says:

        The way you talk about the movie makes me want to watch it again. The first time I watched it, it didn’t give me the romance I was expecting, though that may be a good thing.

        Thanks for the comment and I will definitely watch the movie again. I was younger and probably wasn’t able to understand those moment and am looking forward to giving the movie another shot. I am looking forward to your review, though I know what your thoughts are going to be on it.

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