Dungeons and Dragons: The Lost Mines of Phalendelver Part 1

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I stated playing D&D for about half a year now, every Wednesday at my local hobby shop during the D&D Next Playtest. I tried to play once before with the Red Box Stater set, but that never came about. So previously my first review on D&D was my thoughts on the D&D 5 starter set, I talked about my previous experiences with D&D and my favourite moment in my adventuring career. I am going to talk about my first time DMing and my thoughts on the campaign The Lost Mines of Phalendelver as I did it.

I got a large group of friends over and started the first campaign we had, Buto the One Armed Bandit (Rogue), Bub the Drunk (Fighter), Wolfwood T. Vengence (Cleric), Hector the Well Endowned (Fighter), Darjieki (Wizard), and Veras Tolbar (Druid). My friend who played Veras just got the Player’s Handbook so he wanted to make his own character and chose a druid. As you may have noticed this is a 4-5 person campaign and I had 6 players, so they breezed through it easily, when they didn’t miss for a whole round.


The Map for the Dungeon

For part one we had everyone there and we stated on the road on our way to Phandelin to deliver cargo for their boss. They were ambushed by a group of four golbins and they easily wiped the floor with them. They captured a goblin and made him show them the way to their hideout. He showed them past the traps to the mouth of a cave. There they went through the cave and saw a group of chained up Wolves, the Druid used the spell Talk to animal and rolled high and convinced them not to attack the group. However, Bub the Drunk kept talking about wanting to mount the wolf, so he could become a wolf rider. I waited until the Veras Tolbar said “No you can’t Mount the wolf!” I told him the wolf does not want to mate with him and he goes to bite his dick off, I rolled higher than his AC and dealt 7 damage, he lost his dick and the Wolf ran away. We changed his character sheet to Bub the Cockless Drunk because of his loss. They go through the cane and come across Yemik the goblin and his gang holding (INSERT NAME) hostage. He negotiates with the group about if they bring the bosses head he will let him go. They go to find the boss and The Boss a Bugbear, two goblins and a wolf attack getting surprise on the group. The Bugbear deals 27 Hector the Well Endowned, knocking Wolfwood heals him up and Hector uses Second wind. Wolfwood uses Inflict Wounds on the boss leaving him with two health. During this the rest of the group has taken out one of the goblins, charmed the other and killed the wolf. The Bugbear seeing the wolf dead runs away, Darjieki though uses magic missile to kill the Bugbear for sure. They go back to Yemick with the head, but he refuses to give up the prisoner without a reward, while the group is arguing with how to deal with this issue Buto turns to me and asks if they could challenge them to a game of tug-of-war to the DEATH! I told her to roll a persuasion check, and she Crits with 24. I turn to the table and say it’s a game of Tug-of-War to the DEATH and they easily over power the group of Goblins and make it back to Phandelin

Overall this was a fun start to the campaign everyone enjoyed the campaign and DMing for the first time.


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