Seasonal Anime Attempt: Absolute Duo First Impressions


In this topic I will look into the first episode of an anime that is airing this season and give my thought on it and whether or not I would continue to watch the show. So to start it off here is Absolute Duo, lets begin.

This shows is about that certain people using Lukifiers can summon weapons called Blaze. They are most commonly in the form of offensive weapons and have an interesting design. Our main character Thor, is an irregular (like in all anime) where his Blaze is a shield which is unheard of. Our other protagonist is Julie, a silver haired girl from Scandinavia. They enter into an academy specializing in training youth with Blaze. Their entrance test is that they have to fight the person sitting next to them and survive.

Thor's Blaze

Thor’s Blaze

The show has an okay premise. It is nothing new where teenagers are put into an academy to train super cool ability. Also the idea of summoning weapons is nothing new as well, I give credit to the Blaze because I like the way they look. They have this organic, but unnatural look that I just like the way the look.



The main characters do not seem they are going to give me much in the department of interest. Julie is the typical odd foreign student and Thor is the bland main lead male. Also side note when during the opening ceremony when people were summoning their Blaze, they went through the summoning scene. This was weird and stuck out to me. I really hope they do now continue to do this in the future because if so it is going to get annoying fast.



Overall, the anime is not much to write home about it may be good to give it a couple episodes to see if it gets interesting. Though, it may not be something I continue to watch this season.


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2 Responses to Seasonal Anime Attempt: Absolute Duo First Impressions

  1. mochirochi says:

    You’re stronger than me. After watching the first episode, I don’t really have any desire to continue. It could be good, but I feel like there’s nothing new here and that the entire experience will be very generic.

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