Chihayafuru Season 2: Even in the age of Swift Gods…


The Facts are These:

This season starts with the Karuta club needing to recruit five new members or they will lose their clubroom. Will they be able to recruit the members and will they be able to wins the National Karuta Tournament. Let’s watch and find out.


This season is more of the great story and characters that we have seen from the previous season. We see that all of the characters are developing and are finding goals. Kana wants to be a reader, Desktomu is using his data collection to help the team, Mashima is trying for Class A, Nikuma is trying to become better and Ayase is working hard and we can see an increase in her skill in Karuta. The new characters are just as good and are developing into their own characters and people. That is one main fact I love about this series the characters are great and the music matches the shows themes and attitudes. I know that this show is not necessarily a romance anime, though I get that feel from it. It is more shoujo, high school and slice of life. There is the sub sub plot of Mashima’s love of Ayase and Arata’s caring for his friends. I enjoy the show though I was expecting a romance anime and got more a slow of life that I still enjoyed very much.

Shinobu Wakamiya

Shinobu Wakamiya

Behind the Scenes:

Chihayafuru is based off the manga of the same name by Yuki Suetsugu, with her other works including Flower of Eden. While working on her manga, Flower of Eden, Yuki Suetsugu was accused of plagiarism by Takehiko Inoue (Author of Slam Dunk and Real). Afterwards she admitted to these allegations and this resulted in the cancellation of all her manga at the time. The series was directed by Morio Asaka who has worked on such series as Cardcaptors Sakura and Aoi Bungaku (Episodes 1-4).  The series was produced by studio MADHOUSE and this season has not been licensed as of writing this review. The opening song is “Star” by 99RadioService. Here it is for you to enjoy…



A Brief View of the World:

Chihayafuru takes place in the future, where giant robots have enslaved earth and only the strongest Karuta playing humans can be freed… NO, it takes place in modern day Japan in a high school Karuta club.

The two guys meet.

The two guys meet.


This series is incredibly enjoyable and I am happy I watched it. It was a fun watch with its amazing characters, great story, great animation and great sound. I could not recommend this enough to a fan of Shoujo. The only problem that I have with this season is that I feel that Karuta matches are more drawn out than the previous season, it felt longer and it was harder to keep my interest because of the long games. Overall though it is a great series.


This season is rewatchable with of 25 episodes and it is a great successor to the previous season.




Toradora – for a great romance anime that I may have mentioned in the previous review


Eureka Seven – for one of my favourite romance amines out there.



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